View Full Version : ? about "Sanctioned events"

Deadly ESS
1/22/2003 4:53pm,
I live in milwaukee, where kick-boxing and toughman shows are allowed but not NHB. I believe this is because the kb and tm shows are sanctioned.

Is there a body governing nhb? If so, what is it called.

Do any of you live in an area where this blatent hypocrocy occurs?

How much cash can you win before you are considered "Pro"

How are "sanctioning bodies" created?

any thoughts on any of these questions would be very welcome.


Deadly ESS
1/23/2003 4:40pm,
Has this topic been covered already?

1/23/2003 4:52pm,
what do you mean by toughman competitions, what do they do.

Deadly ESS
1/23/2003 4:56pm,
toughman = 3-1 minute rounds. punching from the waist up, and kicks to chest only. (not very tough if you ask me)

no grappling, subs, head kicks or leg kicks