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10/11/2004 7:35pm,
Knoxville, tenessee...

TTJC Karate offers up to $100,000.00 to any area Black Belt that can defeat a TTJC trained Chunjido Black Belt.



10/11/2004 7:48pm,
Ya gotta admire whenever somebody puts their money where their mouth is. I'd try for it, you know, but I'm not in Knoxville or in the yellow pages...:(

10/11/2004 7:57pm,
Since when did being in MA mean you have to be in the yellow pages?

I will also make a challenge. I will offer $1million dollas, you just have to be a certified BB or above, and live on the moon, also, the Moonanites are on my team.

Wounded Ronin
10/11/2004 8:00pm,
I think they're looking for school owners mostly; school owners are 2 of their 3 possible categories. Should a McDojo owner be so foolish as to take up such a challenge, he or she would probably lose a lot of business to these folks for being publically whupped.

You know, I'd have no problem taking a trip there and just challenging one of their instructors for my stab at the dough. I'm pretty sure that even if their BBs are much better than me there's always the possibility that I'd get lucky and win, just by virtue of my being a healthy and active 200 pound male with a certain amount of grappling and standup experience.

But unfortunately I have never lived anywhere near that area. And furthermore, aside from one guy on this forum who emailed me a BB certificate in TKD as a joke, I never got a "black belt" anywhere, so if I did live there they'd use that as some lame excuse.

10/11/2004 9:31pm,
Click on this site. Down the left-hand column you'll see "challenge details".

Er...some restrictions apply of course...


Heh heh.

10/11/2004 9:36pm,
Hahaha! Tenesse Taekwon judo college!

They may or may not be good fighters, but they have one stupid ass name! Chunjido!! hahaha!

10/11/2004 9:46pm,
I already posted this, like half an hour ago. Are you mental?

10/11/2004 10:21pm,
I'm thinking of posting on MMA.tv about that.

10/11/2004 10:25pm,

The Crack Taoist
10/11/2004 11:15pm,
:::wince:: from Tennessee no less... why do people make us look stupid like


10/12/2004 12:10am,
There is a Pedro Sauer affiliate school in Knoxville. I do not know who owns or teaches at it though.

10/12/2004 2:11am,
So this place is called TTJC Karate, and "TTJC" stands for Tennessee Taekwondo and Judo College, but they give black belts in the art of Chunjido, whatever the hell that is.

Should be easy to beat, get one of their black belts in a fight and he'll forget which style he's supposed to use.

10/12/2004 3:41am,
I will fill them with my lusty rage.

much love
10/12/2004 7:30am,
Soneca is in Knoxville!

I think he has been there 2 years by now.

And he teaches at a huge Karate school that probably advertises in the yellow pages.

I will email him post haste

10/12/2004 7:32am,
Originally posted by supercrap
I already posted this, like half an hour ago. Are you mental?

rotfl. are you mental lolololol good question. I guess he doesn't want to answer you :D

10/12/2004 7:38am,
Click on their about Hap Ki Do page:

"There are no sport competitions in Hapkido . Hapkdio is much too powerful and dangerous if applied uncontrolled for such sport applications."

I guess whoever challenges them better hope they don't use their d34dly Hap ki do.