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10/07/2004 3:24pm,
It does not happen anymore, but do you guys remember how in the early UFCs there would always be a dude who would exclaim in the prefight interview how he created his very own new special unbeatable style only to get beaten to pulp in following two minutes? Joe Son and Greg Stott come to mind....

Another thing: you would have to be deaf and blind to NOT be influenced by other styles.
With the level of communications that we have today anybody who claims that his newly created style is not a ripoff of some other style is either delusional or lying.

To quote Greg Stott, the creator of the feared "RIP":
"And everybody else - Rest In Peace."


10/07/2004 3:26pm,
Your point?

10/07/2004 3:38pm,
Hey, ronin69, don't be so tough on me.
Do I ALWAYS have to have a point in my posts?
Ok. I'm ready to get ModeratiOWNED for not having a point...

10/07/2004 3:39pm,
Post whore !!!!!

10/07/2004 3:47pm,
Post whore Treponema pallidum.

Didn't know you speak latin.


El Tejon
10/08/2004 8:25am,
I created my own style long ago: Run-like-a-little-girl fu.:D

10/08/2004 10:39am,
How do you train in this style?

10/08/2004 10:43am,
My style has never let me down:
"the thundering cock".

10/08/2004 10:44am,
Sonnon says you can create your own style LMFAO

10/08/2004 2:31pm,
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Thats almost as funny when I heard a baguazhang guy claim he could liquify people's hearts with his palm strike.

He started out sort of ok like he stole stuff from bruce lee and then it just went down hill.

My own personal style is called, "I'll beat your head in and take your girl." It consists of repeatedly hitting my opponent as hard as possible until he loses conciousness or I get board of his cries for mercy. Its always worked for me.

Meat Shake
10/08/2004 5:21pm,
Originally posted by ronin69
My style has never let me down:
"the thundering cock".

Interesting. My old nickname was Thunderkok.

If you "created your own style" from knowledge you learned from other styles, wouldnt it technically just be MMA?

10/09/2004 5:41pm,
If someone could pick apart the different styles you use, maybe. But if it's one big mess of random, quasi-unidentifiable techniques, then no.

10/09/2004 6:14pm,
I've never managed to read that page from start to finish. It's like it has a magical spell in it to make my eyes go blurry ro something. This time I went in with the hopw o discovering what RMAX was an acronymn for.....failure....

10/23/2004 5:48am,
I wonder what would be the criteria to create your own style?

What do any of you think in terms of years?

10/23/2004 5:53am,
Callme: Click on the UserCP link above the thread. You have a PM from one of the Staff to which you need to respond.

10/23/2004 1:20pm,
Creating your own "style" is easy, just come up with a marketable name and you're set.

In reality, everyone has their own way of fighting so everyone really has their own "style".