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Te No Kage!
10/07/2004 9:34am,
Next week I'll be meeting and training under Adriano Lucio, Brazilian Top Team. He is the instructor of ur BJJ Blue belt that comes to our class on Wednesdays for ne waza class. Has anybody heard of him or trained with him? I'm just wondering since I don't know that much about the BJJ hierarchy. BTW I think I'm gradually getting better at ne waza. I've tapped all but two guys in my class (BJJ blue belt and another guy that trained BJJ in Hawaii). At least with the other two that usually ruin my ****, I can last longer and understand what's happening before it happens. I'm pretty excited to train with a Brazilian Top Team black belt, I really don't know what to expect.

In other news, Dave (our BJJ blue belt instructor) went to Atlanta a few weeks ago and got to train under Helio Gracie and said it was awesome. He said that Helio was actually getting on the ground and having guys try to the moves on him, and I know the guy's got to be in his 90's. He also said that two of his grandsons were there (don't remember their names), but apparently they're getting ready to fight Pride/UFC and should be watching out for them because he says they're awesome.

10/07/2004 9:51am,
Forget BJJ. Take ninjitsu instead.

Te No Kage!
10/07/2004 10:12am,
Actually, it's a Judo Club

10/07/2004 12:52pm,
I've never heard of him before, but Adriano Lucio is listed as a purple belt on BJJ.org on this page:


Reading through his site (http://www.adrianolucio.com/index_ing.htm), I've figured out a few things:

BJJ.org is often out of date though, which might be the case here, since he says he's gotten his black belt already. From his About Me page:
Two years and ten months after I started I got my purple belt. I was training twice a day and I became even more serious. Ten months after my purple belt I got my brown belt, and I was really happy with my accomplishments. Three more years after that I got my black belt .I've gathered that his instructors were José "Zé" Marcello and Murilo Rupp, who are both listed as black belts under Sergio de "Bolăo" Souza (http://bjj.org/a/people/souza-sergio-de-bolao.html), who is a black belt under Carlson Gracie Sr. (http://bjj.org/a/people/gracie-carlson-sr.html)

I don't know what all this lineage and such means, but he can be traces back to some famous fellows, for what it's worth.

There is a purple belt at my school I met once when he visited. He now trains at a Carlson Gracie school in Chicago, and says they are very good, but the instruction and training was too "rough" for his liking, compared to the detail-oriented training he got at Gracie Barra. Carlson has a history of being a vale tudo fighter, and stressing lots of tough sparring. That's what the purple belt said about his new school at least. Obviously, I don't know if this applies to everyone on Carlson's line, but whudeva...

Deadpan Scientist
10/07/2004 12:59pm,

Te No Kage!
10/07/2004 1:15pm,
thanks, I checked out the website, but I just wandered if anybody had any personal experiences or had heard anything about him

10/07/2004 10:13pm,
I have actually had the pleasure of training with Adriano and have received my blue belt from him. I find him to be a very personable instructor as well as skilled with a little bit of humor thrown in behind his brazilian accent. I can assure you that he is definitely a black belt as I have seen him tap purples (my trainers) at will, two of which are highly competitive and well known in the south for their accomplishments in competitions.

While you will get a good workout training with him, he doesn't focus on fitness only; he is a very technique driver instructor with a watchful eye while he teaches so don't be too concerned with rough sparring or anything like that. Just be prepared to do a ton of techniques, drills, and a good amount of rolling with certain objectives.

Te No Kage!
10/08/2004 5:33am,
cool, thanks, I am really looking forward to it. Where do you train?

10/08/2004 5:47pm,
Memphis BJJ under David Ferguson and Joel Gingery. Muay Thai at the same facility with Will Whitlow.