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10/07/2004 12:29am,
Yep, apparently I'm interacting with a real ninja at the karateforums. Let's see how bad I can piss him off. Maybe he'll flip out and try to kill me.


10/07/2004 12:33am,
Is that you in your icon? You have goddamn enormous pecs.

edit: *not gay*

10/07/2004 12:35am,
I'm a little softer now.. in my old age. That was me when I was 22, 9 years ago.

Judah Maccabee
10/07/2004 12:50am,
He's being sincere.

That's not nice of you. :(

10/07/2004 1:14am,
What makes a Ninja "real"?

Answer me that please.

(I can tell if your mind has been polluted by Naruto so be careful what ya say ;) )

10/07/2004 8:27am,
I joined the fun. :)

10/07/2004 8:58am,
HAHAHA so true.

10/07/2004 11:38am,
they're only a real ninja if the have the REAL ULTIMATE POWER!!!1

10/07/2004 12:21pm,
ninja sminja?

10/07/2004 1:30pm,
You guys shouldn't make fun, he might flip out.

10/07/2004 1:48pm,
Originally posted by Thaiboxerken
You guys shouldn't make fun, he might flip out.

Ooooo....that's right. He might sneak up on you ninja style. Like the ninja monkeys that are seeking my doom.

10/07/2004 2:01pm,
Only a ninja can jack off another ninja.

10/07/2004 2:16pm,
Originally posted by ronin69
Only a ninja can jack off another ninja.
True but they never see them cumming

10/07/2004 2:53pm,
Originally posted by miguksaram
True but they never see them cumming

Okay, that **** was funny :D

As for your ninja thread, I don't think he's going to bite. From what I've read, he's actually more about de-bunking the ninja crap. Maybe this guy isn't as crazy as Ashida Kim?

10/07/2004 3:33pm,
I am not actually trying to set him up. I truly want to know if he has been to Japan concerning his art. Like Thai said, most people in Japan find the thought of ninja as amusing at best.

10/07/2004 3:36pm,
I could never take Ninjas seriously after reading The Tick.