View Full Version : Idea For New Award 2003.....

1/20/2003 8:32am,
... "The Sugar Pedestal Award 2003"

How about this for a new award ?

Which so called "Black Belts" or "Masters" will never test themselves or admit their weaknesses for fear of their Sugar Pedestals crumbling beneath their feet. ( I know the list of nominations would be very large, but pick the most well-known candidates )

Who would YOU like most to be taken down a peg or ten for all to see.

Just slinging some ideas about, what do you think ?

How about some nominations.

”He (Master Bristol) was like a slippery fish. There was no way I could hold on to him.” -- Tomas Shurrman, Judo Expert

1/20/2003 10:09am,
Not a bad idea, but I think this is one of the factors in the Bullshidoka of the Year award.

Honestly, I wish I had some generous investor to back me on starting my own MMA promotion, that at least once, held a pure style vs style tournament. I'd promote it in such a way that the paper tigers would have to come out of the closet or be shamed.