View Full Version : Jorge Gurgel/Ground Zero

1/20/2003 1:10am,
Props to Dustin at Team Ground Zero for putting on such a great seminar session. The great Jorge Gurgel
held private seminars at Dustin's school Sat & Sun
and what a time it was! I attended first thing Sat
morning and had a one hour session one on one with Jorge. There is no BS in his teachings.....only things that work....no mystic, gravity defying
flying armbar type of stuff....just real life, 100%
working, kick ass techniques. Jorge is the greatest....he made me feel like I was the only thing on his mind that day, he gave me 200% of his attention and was so nice....if only all teachers of BJJ was more like him. If anyone gets a chance, stop by Jorge's school in Middletown, OH and train, you won't regret it. Dustin and Team Ground Zero....what can I say.....such a class act....Dustin is the man.
He always makes me feel at home when I go to his school and train...I encourage all who reads this to stop by and train with Team Ground Zero in Huntington, WV if you are ever near by....they are the definition of BJJ !