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9/28/2004 5:21pm,
What is the best headgear for submission wrestling and MMA that people use so they don't get cauliflower ears?

Do people wear this in BJJ and MMA or do they get beat on more than people who don't?

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9/28/2004 5:32pm,
Thank you. I already checked out those threads, but they don't really have recommendations for MMA and submission wrestling beyond Asics.

Do people commonly wear headgear, or just resign themselves to cauliflower ears? That wasn't clear from the threads as well. Last submission place I went to there were only 2 people with headgear.

deus ex machina
9/28/2004 5:34pm,
A lot of people don't roll enough for it to be a problem. Some people just don't get cauliflower ear period.

9/28/2004 5:38pm,
Well, I never really noticed it before this weekend checking out Randy Couture's ears, but one of my ears seems to be slightly cauliflowered from Judo and too many fights already, and I don't really want to wind up looking like that guy.

Omega Supreme
9/28/2004 6:42pm,

**** headgear.

9/28/2004 7:00pm,

I think your observation of 2 people with headgear per class is generally how it goes. Most people don't wear it, but I won't make fun of you for wanting to protect your ears.

9/28/2004 8:11pm,
you queer for his gear, boy?

9/28/2004 9:45pm,
No one at my school has ever been ridiculed for wearing headgear. And if someone did make fun of it, the brown and purple belts that wear them would gladly rear mount you and grind your ears to **** with their elbows to show you why they protect themselves. Almost every girl wears earguards, and there's a purple belt who is a male model who wears full face protection.

But like Antagony said, most people just don't wear headgear. Most don't care, and some actually like cauliflower ear. My instructor knew a guy who would get out of the shower and rub a towel back a forth around his head of bend his ears more. It's a status thing for some people.

As for me, I've had my ears banged up, and they are sore a lot of the time, but I've never had them swells, so I've never really cared. Maybe I'll get slow, progressive cauliflower, but everyone I've talked to has their ears bend like one, and it swells up horribly, but any time I've really had my ears folded and banged, they just ache but never swell.

ANYWAY, any reputable wrestling brand of headgear will work for BJJ, and probably MMA.

9/28/2004 9:48pm,
Also consider that Couture has been doing wrestling for at least 25 years, and MMA for a good many as well, so you're not going to get cauli like his without actively working for it.

Gypsy Jazz
9/28/2004 10:18pm,
I use cliff keen halo ear guards for grappling. So far all they have been is great. Before I started using them though, I taped the adjustable part shut so it couldn't spring open while rolling. Other than that it really hasn't done anything bad, and it's kept my ears safe.