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1/16/2003 10:49pm,

The Wastrel
1/16/2003 11:14pm,
So we've met? Seriously though, everyone on this site needs to read "Ransom" by Jay McInerney.

**The most miraculous power that can verifiably be attributed to "chi" is its ability to be all things to virtually all people, depending on what version of the superstition they are attempting to defend at any given moment.**

1/17/2003 12:08pm,
What's it about?

who are you other than some PEA in a POD! go take a karate class you DYKE!


The Wastrel
1/17/2003 1:46pm,
Difficult question. I guess it's sort of about martial arts obsession...

**The most miraculous power that can verifiably be attributed to "chi" is its ability to be all things to virtually all people, depending on what version of the superstition they are attempting to defend at any given moment.**

1/17/2003 10:41pm,
Just reading some great articles , im fairly new to this site.

anyway, just a thought I had the other day, maybe its been repeated here 10 times I dont know , I just wanted to post it anyway.

The Martial arts consumer, "A DAY IN THE LIFE " example.

His name is lets say, rob. He lives in a nice middle class neighbourhood, and has a stable family upbringing and works a mediocre job that pays a fair wage.
After work , he pops into the local newsagent and gleans through the latest martial arts mags, standing in a balanced stance, breathing deeply from his stomach and aware of his surroundings. Only briefly reading through the "best parts" he considers how much he would like to look like that musclebound grimacing psychopathic master on page 24. He repeatedly has this same thought about 20-30 times as he gleans over each mag, and occasionally gloats and glances at other customers who he knows, can clearly tell, that he, is not to be messed with, as he, obviously is a martial artist.

He memorizes several key points and quotes and considers that set of videos on page 77 before quickly glancing at the porno mags secretly on his way out to the gym.

At the gym , he performs his "routine" and does a few stances and maybe even a couple of esoteric moves on the boxing bag, but generally keeps it under wraps as he knows that a lot of the guys here would snap his neck like a breadstick if he got too cocky.

Then its off to class, where he carefully maneuvors himself into the "right" part of the social pecking order, being ever so humble and carefully avoiding any behaviour that the "master" may find undesirable. He shows off his almost instant perfection of the techniques being taught, and uses the lowewr graded students as his personal punching bags whenever he can get away with it. After class he waits around and asks the instructor , ever so humbly about some "finer points " of the material he learnt that night, and, like in all movies he has absorbed, uses the correct humble facial expressions and sincere, almost romantic devoted expressions and responses to the instructors "pearls of wisdom".

On his way home, in his car, he reassures himself that by going to gym before class, he was more pumped and looked bigger than even most of the senior students, and his pecs really showed through his uniform, making him look like a real "advanced" practitioner.

He sees a couple of drunkards in the "street" on the way back, at the drive thu (where he gets a big mac and large coke), people clearly weaker and smaller than himself, who are intoxicated, probably without employment or a family to go home to. He know what they are, they are "scum" , probably "streetfighters" and he fantasises about being in that scene out of all those movies, where he can administer some "retribution" and maybe even save the girl, (although this is not a conscious thought). He feels pumped, strong, even invincible, but knows that he has to be back by 9:30 to have a protein shake and write in his "personal journal" about tonights training, maybe after that have a sly wank to one of his depraved european "teen" xxx movies. After that its bedtime, he checks that mum has left his cut lunch for tomorrow, and does a few poses in the hallway mirror, giving himself that confident gleaming look, practising a few streetfighter/martial art master glances. He knows he is superior, he is "on the path" and the universe is unfolding as it should.

Wow, what detail, but wtf is up with the XXX part?

ooooohh... I get it, you're "rob".

Remember the time in the 6th grade where you got your ass-kicked by that 80-pound short-kid? Got BJJ?
<marquee>Thai Boxing: Been kicking your ass since 1949.</marquee>

1/18/2003 2:18am,
Sounds little like carbon

1/18/2003 2:18am,
Only a younger version

Fatality Dragon
1/18/2003 2:58am,
Judo, at least he is man enough to jack off, however you haven't reach your puberty yet. So you still watch power ranger.

"I would rather admit I am a lousy student than say I am the best, because once you think you are the best, there is no reason to continue learning."

1/18/2003 3:48pm,
YEAH DAMN RIGHT, 'cept I dont bother with all the martial arts stuff, I just pay thugs to "take care of those matters" for me and just get straight into
the "euroteen xxx" to practise my "chi kung pearl rubbing".

... what? ...


1/18/2003 9:24pm,
baltasar, get out of my mind!