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9/22/2004 9:53pm,
Ok, I finally found a school in my area that teaches something other than TKD. MT to be exact. Anyway, now I actually get to spar with other fighters, and so now I need a mouth guard.

First - what's the real purpose of a mouth guard? Is it to protect your lips from getting cut by your teeth?

Second - who builds the better mouth guard? Or does it matter?

I've got an MC Sports in town, and they've got a lot of gear, but I want to get the right stuff.


9/22/2004 9:56pm,
The primary function of the mouth guard is to protect your teeth when I slap you for not searching.

9/22/2004 10:09pm,
I searched on "mouth" and "mouthguard". Nothing on the actual purpose of the mouthguard, but some good tips on good brands. Tanks.

9/22/2004 10:36pm,
protects your teeth, and provides some protection against getting KTFO.

9/22/2004 11:40pm,
Just by a cheap mouthguard and stick it in hot water. Can't go wrong.

Jaguar Wong
9/22/2004 11:54pm,
Besides what Shumagorath said (it's the primary purpose of a mouthguard). They help to prevent concussions, jaw fracture/dislocation and tooth damage. When it comes to the price...you get what you pay for. The $0.99 boil and bite pieces of junk are more of a tooth damage prevention kind of thing. I wouldn't trust those things to protect my jawbone, or prevent concussions.

I think a double sided (top and bottom) mouthpiece is probably best for sports like Boxing or Muay Thai (I'm no expert, but that's what I've seen suggested). But I don't dig those (nor do I practice Boxing or Muay Thai), so I'm using the Shock Doctor Power Ultra. It's a single mouthpiece that fits and supports the jaw like a double. It only cost me $20 (It's already saved my skin after taking a solid shot on the jaw from a boxer I was sparring with).

9/23/2004 8:46am,
Thanks for all the help guys.

Traditional Tom
9/23/2004 9:59am,
There are some issues with breathing through mouthguards until your used to 'em. You tend to pant/leave mouth slack sucking in air which can lead to some... well... pwnage I guess.

9/25/2004 10:15am,
I have a Shock Doctor V3.0 mouthpiece. I think it's pretty good. It's a boil-and-bite kind, so it molds to your teeth.

Here's what it looks like.


Traditional Tom
9/25/2004 11:05am,

if I were to order one online, that'd probably be the one, as I'm getting braces soon.

Ming Loyalist
10/01/2004 9:06pm,
shock doctor 3.0 is the one to get

10/01/2004 10:30pm,
I suggest www.o-pro.com I ended up ordering 3x.

Second choice would be the Shock Doctor.

OC Kid
10/02/2004 7:38pm,
I like Ringsides. They have a lot to choose from. BTW A good mouth piece is something you shouldnt skimp on, I will save you like others have mentioned from being knocjked out jaw damage and the all to expensive trip to the dentist.

10/04/2004 8:31pm,
can't go wrong with shock doctor. I think they also have some kind of insurance that covers you for any damage that happens while wearing them.

Jaguar Wong
10/05/2004 12:43am,
Most mouth pieces do. I believe it's only for the first year (I think you have to send some information somewhere, but I could be mistaken).

10/12/2004 8:11pm,
Bought a shock-doctor power ultra. Damn thing doesn't fit right. It's boil and bite. When I fit it, it's fine. But when it cools off, it ends up being to wide for my upper teeth. Puts pressure on them. Pisses me off, since it was about $20. Maybe I'll downsize to a $2.99 model, since I really only need it for sparring right now. Mostly I don't want my teeth chipped.