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9/20/2004 8:18am,
hi i am 18 and have looked in to a lot of diffrent MA i whant to tack up 1 but what 1 shal i do i am not the that fit but i think i am strong for my age
i am looking to do a MA where you get strat in to it and will b fun to do

so what do u think

ps sor for spelling i am dislexick and crap at spelling :)

9/20/2004 8:20am,
I recommend E-Search-Do or the equally effective Lurk-Fu.

9/20/2004 8:25am,

9/20/2004 2:12pm,
The only way to find out what you like, is to go and try some diffrent MA's.

9/20/2004 2:53pm,
Remedial English.

9/20/2004 6:55pm,
ChrisB is correct in my opinion. Study different styles. Some geographical areas, away from major urban centers, don't have a lot of choices so in those instances factor in the skill and personality of the instructor to your choice. Better to work with a great instructor in a discipline maybe not quite as effective as another discipline where the instructor is lacking anyway.

Deadpan Scientist
9/20/2004 7:26pm,
Run your posts through a spell checker before you post them.

9/21/2004 12:57pm,
brandeissansoo: are you addressing me, greese1, another member of the forum or all of the aforementioned?