View Full Version : Central Illinois???

9/19/2004 10:30pm,
Looking for some folks who'd like to spar in central Illinois. Also would be interested in setting up a throwdown. Any bullshido members in central Illinois besides me?

9/20/2004 9:35am,
How central are we talking? I live by Joliet, so something by Bloomington might be doable, but if you're in like Springfield, that's a no go. There are, however, some kung fuists in your are(see the shaolinwolf forums for details).

9/20/2004 9:49am,
Yes, I'm talking Bloomington-Normal. I'm actually a few minutes south of Bloomington. I wonder if there's anywhere we could meet up in the middle. I'll check on the kung fu guys. I work with a guy who is a Kung Fu instructor, though I never thought to see if he was a bullshido guy.

Te No Kage!
9/21/2004 10:34am,
Don Gwinn is from Virden (Springfield area); and I'm from Springfield so if I'm ever up that way I'll let you know

justA black guy
9/21/2004 10:54pm,
if it is accessible by public transportation like pace or greyhound i would show up.

10/03/2004 11:53pm,
just a black guy,

we can probably get a couple guys from ChiTown to come down. it's only like 2-3 hours drive.

Don Gwinn
10/17/2004 8:33pm,
Te, you're from Springfield, but you're not in Springfield. Big difference! ;)

I could make a throwdown in Bloomington with (relative) ease, but it'd be hard to get there for a regular sparring session. Many things are going on, and getting back into martial arts is only going to take up more time. Also, I am fat and unskilled in the ways of fighting. I'd likely learn a lot from sparring you, but you'd learn very little from me.

Bloomington would be an easy drive from Chicago, just hop on I-55 and keep going until you hit the Bloomington exit. I'm sure there's a bus station there, and Amtrak goes there too.

If I go to a throwdown in Bloomington, I'm going to Darnall's Range to get some shooting in either before or after. Anyone who would like to join me is welcome. If you've never shot before, don't worry, I'm a good instructor.

Now, I know nothing about unarmed fighting whatsoever. I hope that will be OK for everyone.

Don Gwinn
10/17/2004 8:47pm,
Black Guy, you Chicago guys really DO think Chicago is the center of the state, doncha? I'm pretty sure PACE doesn't run to Bloomington. :p

Don Gwinn
11/10/2004 12:04am,
Guess it wasn't . . . . .

11/14/2004 6:40pm,
im from MO ill go if you have one