View Full Version : BWAHAHAHAH!!!! I LIVE!! The bamboo curtain is dead!

9/18/2004 9:46pm,
Special thanks out to Shumgorath for giving me the clues.

It took me only 2 or 3 nights up way past my bedtime to self educate in the magic of proxie servers!!!

What have I missed? Bullshido is apparently blocked from China but I have broken though....I never WANTED to get that intimate with the advanced settings of my internet connection but there it is. The CPC left me no choice!


It feels so good to be back out of the darkness of Shaolin Wolf. I can finnally shake off the dusty ivy league shackles of Emptyflower. (the Puerto Rican rum aint bad but I'm really not such a TMA nutrider.)

Nice to see you all again. I need to get up to date.....

Deadpan Scientist
9/18/2004 9:48pm,
Here's what hppened while you were gone:

We made a thread about bullshido's worst poster

And my girlfriend needs help thinking up pranks.

That's about it.

Oh, there was also a funny/sad Wing Chun video

9/18/2004 10:24pm,
oh well.

Same old same old....I still missed it.

Where's the video?

9/18/2004 10:31pm,
What?China block bullshido website???:eek:

9/18/2004 10:32pm,
The sad wingchun vid:

9/18/2004 10:32pm,
You could at least spell my name correctly :mad:

Glad you figured it out without me having to give you a tutorial. You learn so much more about computers that way. Where did you get the server's address from, and how are the speeds?

9/19/2004 1:38am,

I forget if I ended up using one from www.publicproxyservers.com or from tools.rosinstrument.com/proxy/

Stuff like this is how I got my gig last year as an Avid tech (digital ediing computer sytems). I also had the "pleasure" of setting up several office networks by the trial and error method combined with a badic theoretical understanding. One of them, my brother's store was a special bitch because he had a combination of Mac and PC computers PLUS there was not only the shared internet connection but his DOS based network that the store sales and inventory was run on. The PC's and the Mac's weren't communicating and they kept propagating IP's. *ARGHHHH!!!!* I figured it out eventually but MAN was that a headache.

The speed seems faster than before but it is hard to say conclusively because my speed varies wildy from day to day. China telecom is always upgrading and there is so much new construction going on in Xi'an that I think they are always tearing up and then repairing lines.


I actually can't confirm of course is was blocked but another friend on mine in Tianjing (I think) said he couldn't get in either. That and the fact that now with my proxy server I can now open many other previously unavailable sites...

Oh incidentally, Shumagorath, I have winproxy now installed but I'm not sure if it's doing anything or is necessary. It seems like the key was simple putting settings in in "my connection"--->IP--->advanced. Is it just a decoration on my quicklaunch or does it have a function? lol

9/19/2004 12:16pm,
If it's anything like Proxomitron, then your browser will proxy through, where xxxx is some port that WinProxy listens to for incoming traffic and then does the proxying itself. That's not only useful for changing the proxies faster, but some programs out there will split your traffic among multiple proxies (MultiProxy, hasn't been updated in years) or do HTML filtering (Proxomitron, ditto).

9/19/2004 6:10pm,
Glad to see you back!

9/19/2004 6:43pm,
ivy league shackles?