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9/18/2004 7:25pm,
What is up with the links you guys have posted? Mile High Karate? I really hope their not supporting Bullshido, Mile High Karate is everything bullshido is aginst, I hope it's a joke.

Deadpan Scientist
9/18/2004 7:31pm,

9/18/2004 9:49pm,
is it the google ads that you are talking about?

9/18/2004 10:08pm,
OH Yes! I've been ignoring them but the google ads are links to McDojos!!!!!!

How freakin' funny is that?

9/18/2004 10:58pm,
That's quite hilarious. The kind that you know it's VERY funny, but yu don't laugh. It's a thinking man's kind of funny. Uhhh, yeah. I like peanuts.

9/19/2004 2:05am,
Google ads just looks up keywords on the site and gives an ads relating to that word. Still funny though.

9/19/2004 2:18pm,
Yeah it has been cracking me up too. I saw one on how to increase ma schools profits.

9/19/2004 2:22pm,
You people got a problem with Karate-mart or something?

9/19/2004 6:25pm,
The perfect example of irony. However, I know it's out of Phrost's control.

9/19/2004 8:02pm,
While it is funny, Bullshido needs cash to run. I'll become a supporting member as soon as I get over my critical case of gotnocashitis. In the mean time, AdSense is a cheap and easy way for Bullshido to earn some cash. I think that Bullshido gets money if you just click on the links. So do your part.

I'll donate when I have a spare $20.