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9/18/2004 4:44pm,
Anyone know any good stretching routines particularly for doing the splits?

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9/18/2004 4:48pm,
TKD is probably the best bet.

9/18/2004 4:50pm,
This should go in the "Techniques and Training" forum.

9/18/2004 4:51pm,
I didn't ask which style of fighting, I asked what was the best exercises.

9/18/2004 4:52pm,
That's specifically why it should be in the:
"Techniques and training"

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9/18/2004 6:18pm,
Yoga and qigong are good for flexibility, but they emphasize lotus position more than the splits



9/18/2004 6:38pm,
Anything that stretches the muscles in the back of the legs and the pelvic area to be honest. Try something we do in karate- kneel, then extend one leg in front of the other. Sink down. Try and go as close to the floor as possible. A bloke I met in a pub says a good training method for side splits is to take your shoes off and go down as far as possible into the split on a wooden floor. The socks slide on the floor, helping to stretch the relevant muscles.

9/18/2004 6:50pm,
stand feet together facing forward .lift left foot from floor towards buttocks grab around ankle with left hand stretch leg up behind torso while pushing against arm (you will have to lean forward a bit at first) , like a back kick or mule kick, try to keep shoulders straight. pull leg up behind so it should be pretty much a u shape in the arch from your head to foot. hold repaet both legs
I found this best for splits and round and side kicks..focus on just breathing calmy while you do it to tense muscles ore a lot harder to stretch

9/18/2004 7:42pm,
doing the splits is the main technique in yoga

9/18/2004 7:49pm,
Get a stretch machine. I was stretching for years to do the splits, and with a stretch machine only took me 6 months. Now I do splits daily.

9/18/2004 7:55pm,
why do you want to do the splits?

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9/18/2004 7:56pm,
Not the Yoga I do.

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9/18/2004 8:35pm,
You should do the splits on the floor and get a friend to roll your hip forward if you can't do full splits yet.