View Full Version : columbus, Ohio----Cowtown throwdown

9/17/2004 10:53pm,
so, time again to ask, I think:

Are there any bullshido-ers who'd like to have a throwdown in good ol' cowtown?

9/17/2004 11:27pm,
I take it this means you won't be joining us this time :(

I could give you my cell #! We won't lose you this time, I promise!

9/17/2004 11:27pm,
depending on timing i am in

9/18/2004 9:40am,
xango, when is it? I'd like to come, but I just paid for tuition (they took away my pell grant, those motherfuckers).

willy where you from?
and what times are good for you? I was thinking some saturday afternoon in the future.

9/18/2004 12:08pm,
October 2nd (see Chitown McThrowdown thread for details). We'd love it if you came up; we can probably find you a futon for the night if you need it.

I actually have been meaning to visit a friend in Columbus for awhile, but the timing would have to be exquisite for that actually to happen.

9/18/2004 1:27pm,
like when is exquisite?
oct2---ok sat...I tell you what, I'll make it my mission to find the money. I can't promise anything yet, but I'll let you know.

9/18/2004 4:32pm,
It would take: me not having obligations here that weekend, and another Chicago person who wanted to go down and didn't mind doing all the driving (I'd cover gas, but have no license to drive). I just can't say when that'd happen, but the further out you put it the more likely it becomes...staying away from stuff like weekends around holidays.

I do hope we get you up here, jubei. I still feel bad about us not catching you at the dojo. If I had left sooner, or figured out exactly how big Midway was....ah well...

9/18/2004 7:13pm,
Hey, I'm a lurker who never bothered to post until now, but I'm going to be moving up to Columbus for school just tomorrow. I'd be interesting in attending a throwdown if we could get enough people together. Keep me posted.

9/19/2004 12:02am,
i am in michigan, ann arbor but i could make it down....times are iffy i'll be out of town fo r a bit inthe next few months

9/19/2004 9:08am,
sounds pretty good..
I was thinking of putting this a little bit after the chi town throwdown, maybe the end of october.---the 24th maybe?
looks like we have a couple new ohio members. last time I did this there was only one..

Mr. Mantis
9/19/2004 9:24am,
I may be able to attend, October is out though. My schedule is pretty rough to work with. We''ll see what we come up with, and if I can make a hole, it'll be cool.

9/19/2004 8:23pm,
do you do tong bei? ----oct is'nt really definitive. if a better date comes up the month after then we'll shoot for that. I'm kind of in the begining planing stages. Im just fishing for what best suits everyone else. (and my schedual)

9/20/2004 9:08am,
Weekends, preferably Sunday.

Late October or early-mid November is looking good for me as of now.

We'll see how it goes.

Mr. Mantis
9/20/2004 10:00am,
Originally posted by jubei33
do you do tong bei?

Not in the traditional sense.

I am cross trained, my emphasis is Bei Yuan derived from 7 star mantis.

9/20/2004 7:50pm,
never seen bei yuan, seen the mantis. on of my friends trains at a wierd little school that specializes in mantis. At any rate, I bet It'll be a hoot.

for me Saturdays are the best times, I have to work sunday nights, but saturdays i have totally free. Perhaps we can shoot for early NOV so as not to compete with the 'chi town boys' (sport yo collaz, gang bangaz)

9/20/2004 11:13pm,
brush off ya shoulder!