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9/16/2004 6:28am,
As I mentioned in another thread, I just started up BJJ. In order to find the club, I had been roaming the internet, posting on forums. Today I got an e-mail from an instructor who just started up a school where I live. The classes are an hour after my other BJJ-classes, so I e-mail him back telling him that IŽd already found a school, but that Id be happy to come check him out, and maybe start doing a class at his place once or twice a week, because I'd love to train some more.

His reply was "You should stay where you are, and not come check us out. Regrettably, in the world of BJJ, you can only be in one club."

WTF is this ****?

9/16/2004 6:32am,
I mean, is this "if I train you, I own your soul"-**** that I was trying to get away from a big part of the BJJ-culture, or is this just an isolated nutcase?

9/16/2004 6:33am,
That's fucked up. Every BJJ instructor I have met treats it like a community. Our two BJJ schools here in Hamburg regularly work out together and use each other's facilities.

9/16/2004 6:35am,
Some guys that start out in TMAs or other schools with such attitudes might bring it with them, but it's not anything that is common to BJJ, I don't think.

9/16/2004 6:36am,
most BJJ places i would imagine highly approve of cross training, mine did at least

9/16/2004 6:46am,
and so it begins, BJJ plagued by the same narrow minded politics as wing chun....


9/16/2004 8:07am,
From what I have heard it's very much that way in Brazil now. Clubs do not train together unless they are under the same instructor. We have a pretty open policy at our school, open mats every saturday, and regularly go to open mats at other schools. I like it that way, you can learn alot by training with other schools.

9/16/2004 8:18am,
I guess it's just time to accept that every style is infected with feeble minded man-children who need someone to hate to give themselves a sliver of purpose in life.

9/16/2004 8:33am,
Machado and Gracie? Apparently there is this divide in Australia, as I understand it. Don't know about overseas.

9/16/2004 9:05am,
Cousins, I hear Rickson still talks with them though. But hey, there is a huge division within the Gracies themselves.

9/16/2004 9:21am,
I checked out the highest ranking instructor at the other school, Peter Blackwell. It turns out that he and my current teacher, Leonardo Neves, are both under the same guy: Romero "Jacaré" Cavalcanti. Must be something personal causing this childishness, then.

9/16/2004 9:33am,
Wait till Helio dies...

Beatdown Richie
9/16/2004 9:35am,
[sadly shakes head]
I've heard that this kind of thing happens in Brazil. Around where I live, we're pretty open, and that helps everybody - why should you get all your knowledge from one source?

9/16/2004 9:36am,
Didn't Helio already name Rorion as his successor?

9/16/2004 9:41am,
Playing devil's advocate:

Maybe the instructor that e-mailed you back was just showing respect for the other guy. Not wanting to try and "steal" one of the other guys students or something. Not sure how big the BJJ market is in Sweden so maybe this had something to do with it.

He may also feel that, as a beginner, you should stay at one place and study until one person until you get a good foundation.

9/16/2004 9:44am,
Originally posted by TylerDurden
Didn't Helio already name Rorion as his successor?

Yes, do you think it matters ?
Politics my friend, politics.