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9/15/2004 12:42am,
The bullshido...

LOL (http://www.personal-selfdefense-online.com/proctor.htm)

The proof...

LOLx2 (http://www.sherdog.com/fightfinder/fightfinder.asp?fighterID=8894)

Ever heard of this guy??!!!

9/15/2004 12:48am,
He use to run these stupid ads in Black belt Mag claiming to show like 5 techniques that would destroy any cage fighter. He claimed all his fights were S3CR3T Illegal Underground Cage matches.

*rolls eyes*

Jaguar Wong
9/15/2004 1:25am,
Man I saw his tapes. They were BJJ (or a pale imitiation anyway), with a smattering of rudimentary kickboxing. He also has some uber-lame elbowing technique, where you basically put your hand on your forehead (with your elbow pointing foreward), and charged like a rhino...I'm serious. That was his super secret technique.

9/15/2004 1:28am,

MAn, that guy is going to KILL YOU! Now he has NOTHING!

9/15/2004 5:50am,
WOW, he knows the secret Rhino technique. That's insane, he must be teh d34dly now.

9/15/2004 11:01am,
Tom Proctor used to have a school in Arizona, (I believe he just sold it recently.)
I never trained with him but I knew a few guys who did and they said that while he was a decent guy they werenít overly impressed with his technical abilities. Apparently he was more of a kickboxer than a BJJ guy and frequently would bring guys in to teach the BJJ classes at his school. From what I heard from his students he claimed that he didnít write the description for his tapes the company did and he wasnít overly pleased with the way he was presented in their write up.

9/15/2004 11:27am,
What the ****? There's a link to a "Delta-Seal Camp" on that site? Forget it, I don't even want to know.

9/15/2004 12:18pm,
Well from my brief research he was the ISCF amateur champ in it's first year of existence(1999) But his title was recently retired and is now vacant.

9/15/2004 12:24pm,
Tao Chi Do eh?
More like "Take Your Dough".

Jaguar Wong
9/15/2004 1:08pm,
Originally posted by supercrap

MAn, that guy is going to KILL YOU! Now he has NOTHING!

don't you worry, supercrap...I didn't give away the set up.

You know, the one where you snap your fingers to get his attention, then put your hand on your forehead, as he gives you the glazed over look of a deer in headlights. Then you charge him. That set up.

so I'm still safe.

It's yet another MAist that wants to condense all he's learned into a few basic techniques that can "destroy" anyone (Combat JKD/Camrach Bas). I mean I like that logic (10 good solid techniques drilled endlessly is better than 1000 sloppy techs any day), but he's kinda giving the impression that his select few techniques are all you'll ever need. I mean we all have a select few "bread and butter" techniques, but we also have some more experience in other techniques that we can probably fall back on when things stray from the formula.

Also, the BJJ on his tapes were shown by someone else (I think he was a Machado BJJ guy), so it's not like I'm making fun of Tom Proctor's skill, just the fact that he shows a couple of basic BJJ techs, and some basic strikes, along with his "Tao Chi Do sheild" stance, and expects us all to stop everything we've been working on and say "Whoa! I've been wasting my time with all this other stuff!"