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9/14/2004 9:43am,
I have a student that is moving from CA to McKinney, TX in the next couple of weeks. By the time she moves she will be a 4th Gup (brown belt) in Hapkido and TKD. My school is combat oriented and not a olympic cess-pool. I told her and her parents that I would do some research for them to see if there was anything comparable in the area.

She is 14 and in good health (though a bit skinny). She is not as "hard-core" as some of my students, though she does try hard and is usually willing to put out the extra effort to succeed.

If anyone has any suggestions for her I would be happy to pass them along.

Omega Supreme
9/14/2004 6:30pm,
Where exactly is that?

Deadpan Scientist
9/14/2004 6:33pm,
on 75, about 50 miles N of dallas

9/14/2004 7:15pm,
Hmm slowly orient her into your system. I gues start out slow.

Omega Supreme
9/14/2004 8:36pm,
Heh, Parents live over there.

9/14/2004 8:58pm,
I have a brother in Frisco. (near McKinney) His wife has been looking for a MA place in McKinney and has had no luck finding anything. It's ripe for a McDojo :)

9/15/2004 1:50pm,
Maybe I should be a little more clear. She is LEAVING my school in CA and moving to McKinney, Tx. She will be looking for a school there.

Thanks Leo. I hope she has more luck than your brother.

Any info would help.

9/27/2004 11:19pm,

Deadpan Scientist
9/27/2004 11:21pm,
Tell her to go to Star jiujitsu in Carrolton

9/27/2004 11:22pm,
It can't be that bad if she does Hapkido. A good hapkido school can be pretty fucking brutal.

Deadpan Scientist
9/27/2004 11:40pm,

9/27/2004 11:49pm,

See? Stiff as a board before he even hits the ground.

9/27/2004 11:57pm,
lol and I thought you weren't sarcastic fora second>.>

9/28/2004 1:10am,
Nah I wasn't, but when I googled for some cool hapkido stuff and couldn't find any evidence to support my claim I just gave up.

9/28/2004 1:13am,
hahahaha...funny that...not being able to find evidence..

lol seriously but theres a kickass hapkido skool here.....the katas and *KIAH!*'s put me off.