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9/13/2004 12:41pm,
I'm wondering what the consensus is around here, since there seems to be several camps on the subject. I've made the poll options match the main views I've come across. I know they don't cover every possible situation (even my own) but they seemed to be the major ones. If your school's policy isn't represented above, let me know.

As for my own school, straight leglocks are taught to every belt. Officially, only purples and higher are allowed to use them in sparring, but I've seen plenty of blue belts use them with no trouble. Heelhooks and any twisting locks are not taught because of safety concerns. I could probably learn them if I asked, but I would be expected not to use them in class. A lot of guys already have blown ACLs without heelhooks.

9/13/2004 12:49pm,
My school teaches everything, but the basic ground rule for sparring is no heelhooks. However, if you and your partner agree to it before hand, then by all means, go ahead and use them. The rule is more to keep noobs from blowing someone's knee.

9/13/2004 12:55pm,
Anything goes, all levels.

Heelhooks aren't super common though and people tap quick to them.

One issue though is that white belts can't do any leg attacks in most bjj tournies. Blues can only do achilles (I think).

This sucks for me as a white belt with good toe holds and toe hold setups when training for a comp like I am right now.

9/13/2004 12:59pm,
People put me in kneebars and toeholds every now and then, but heel hooks are saved for blue and up. Gotta allow them if you want to fight against them...

9/13/2004 1:07pm,
Everything goes at all levels for GQ's nationwide right?

Nevermind, they're not.

9/13/2004 1:52pm,
Thanks omega. Good addition. Now that I've read it, that's probably what more like what most school should probably do, since heelhooks and such are allowed at higher levels BJJ competitions. I think the problem is that instructors mostly deal with blue and white belts, so the higher belts don't always get instructed on leglocks like they should.

Also, add comedy "I take sambo" option. Edit: Haha! It worked!

9/13/2004 2:14pm,
Along similar lines, what's your schools take on other "risky" techniques like neck cranks, slicers (aka compression locks), hip cranks, etc?

9/13/2004 2:19pm,
Never done or for that matter seen a hip crank (unless you mean bannana splits or whatever the hell they're called). The rest are a go.

9/13/2004 2:32pm,
I've only seen and experience one hip crank so far, and the only reason I did so was because a guy visiting from another school specifically said "Here, let me show you this new hip crank some guys in New York have been developing." He did it on me, and yes, it feels like your hips are going to rip apart. And the setup for it wasn't anything rediculous, since it looks like they guy is just going for a guard pass at first.

9/13/2004 3:50pm,
All leg locks are OK, but on heelhooks once you get it you call "catch" to give the guy a chance to tap before you start to crank.
Also all slicers and neck cranks are kewl to do.

9/13/2004 3:57pm,
sometimes shown to lower belts (on an individual basis), but typically reserved for black belt and above to prevent over-exhuberant lower belts cranking out knees, etc.

edit: crank are allowed but are typically only used between certain partners (when you get a feel for their level and degree of control). i have a taller partner who likes to crank my neck *grumble grumble*

9/13/2004 4:08pm,
Are there any real hazards with hip cranks, or are they just unusually and scary sounding?

Te No Kage!
9/13/2004 7:17pm,
judo = no leg locks for me!

9/13/2004 10:07pm,
I would like to change my vote to "White belts can try leg locks, but the higher belts (especially brown belts) are not going to tap to the crossed-foot lock and will just choke you unconcious".

Red Elvis
9/13/2004 10:15pm,
Where I train everything is a go however Iím not sure Iím down with the policy anymore. Almost three years ago I was training with what would amount to be a white belt in any bjj school and I was letting him work different finishing holds while rolling. I let him get me in a knee bar and he just leans back and cranks it. I never knew my voice had such power until the day I yelled **** at the top of my lungs like that. Iím surprised my ďchi energiesĒ didnít break the glass doors. Needless to say my training since that day is always spotty depending on the weather, how much Iím warmed up or if Iíve twisted my knee funny doing such dangerous tasks as getting up from the sofa to grab a beer. Not to mention walking down hill is a mother f-er!! Control is difficult with certain leg attacks and what doesnít hurt a bit one second can cripple you permanently the next.

9/13/2004 10:38pm,
Yeah, a yellow belt once knee-barred me in Judo becuase he landed sitting on my knee and decided he could do the same thing as an arm lock. I immediately told him to stop and kicked him in the back.