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9/13/2004 6:14am,
i only just got round to watching this fight (in new zealand, if it isnt rugby, cricket or basketball, it didn't happen)

can someone explain to me how the **** that went to a 4th round? I saw ONE shot by sudo that had any effect. one. while buakaw beat his ass into a paste for the other 8:59 seconds of those three rounds. While I realise the judges are going to be biased towards sudo cos hes japanese, that is just so goddamn blatant. sudo knew he had lost, and buakaw looked mighty angry when he heard the decision (I would be too)

Khun Kao
9/13/2004 9:59am,
"While I realise the judges are going to be biased towards sudo cos hes japanese..."

And that was it in a nutshell. They wanted to give Sudo a chance to possibly come back and get the KO. It was blatantly wrong, and stupid. Sudo really got hurt. It could have been worse.

9/13/2004 8:04pm,
umm dont you mean masato? sudoraba is the guy that makes the k1 max highlight clips.... and yea it was a major beatdown you can watch the whole fight at http://web.mit.edu/~rzeitham/Public/dykeball/fishnets.jpg

9/13/2004 8:07pm,
Dickhead! ^^

I think the judges were publicly reprimanded for that blatant show of favouratism.

Oh, and you do mean Masato right? Otherwise I don't know what match you mean...

9/14/2004 12:46am,
ah yeah. i just looked at the filename of the vid i watched and it said buakaw and sudoraba. and yeah i saw the whole fight. at least they got reprimanded for that wack ****.

9/14/2004 1:33am,

9/23/2004 2:07am,
Yeah, it was absurd that they could even suggest that it was a draw up until that point. after awhile it gets hard to watch masato be so completely dominated. i got the tournament on dvd, and he'd already fought krauss and somehow gotten banged up by this subpar mongolian/chinese fighter. the BEST part of that tournament though, was when Kohiruimaki pissed off Buakaw by kicking him on the leg after he was downed in the 2nd round of the tournament, and then Buakaw manhandled him b/c he was so pissed.

9/26/2004 10:08pm,
Buakaw impressed the hell out of me. It was damn cool to see a thai fighter kick so much ass. His style seemed so much like pure muay thai. I really hope he sweeps the next grand prix.

I hope that I get a chance to see him face JWP again or a healthy Masato. Hell just watching him defend his title is gonna be sweeet.


9/26/2004 10:18pm,
I heard they are sticking him against Alexey Ignashov in the next K1 event - looks like they aren't too concerned for his safety or his winning streak!

9/26/2004 10:58pm,
bullshit. considering remy is about 50 pounds heavier I doubt that will ever happen. and yeah I love the way he fights, old school thai boxing. the knee to the neck owned, actually that whole fight owned.

9/26/2004 11:09pm,
How did you get the fight ikken??

We dont get shitelse here to besides rugby and cricket.

9/26/2004 11:15pm,
MY bad Ikken - I heard a rumour that Kaoklai, the thai winner of the Asia leg of K1 GP, would fight Alexey Ignashov.

They did, two days ago. Thanks to my eager googling skills, I just found out who won too.... BULLSHIT! I wanted it to be a surprise...

MUT - find a japanese video shop and join up, then you can enjoy all the pride and K1 tapes you can handle!

9/27/2004 12:20am,
I saw this thread title and thought there was a Buakaw fight that I missed.


10/07/2004 11:21am,
LOL I downloaded the latest MAX off of edonkey the other day, I could watch the Buakaw-Kohiruimaki fight all day long.

It really is hilarious, after Kohi knocks him down with the followup calf shot, he gives Kohi a look like "OH, so it's like that BITCH?" and proceeds to beat him like a walking thai bag the rest of the match.

Buakaw vs. Kraus will be interesting if it hasnt already happened.

10/07/2004 1:35pm,
yeah thatfight was pretty loltastic :D

that fight with iggy was pretty lame. why am I not surprised that they fed the wee man an almost dead iggy to show that tiny people can win too. ths is going to be sick when he fights mighty moe- and dies.

10/11/2004 11:33am,
what? buakaw did win, I find this thread ultraconfusing