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Lights Out
9/11/2004 6:06pm,
Im thinking of getting myself a tattoo. Ive been thinking of this for years. the thing is, that I will try to build some muscle in a couple of months, and I dont know if this will affect the tattoo and if so, how.

say youve got a tattoo in your shoulder, then, you get your shoulder bigger (due to endeless and proper training). Will it grow along, will it nedd to be restorted or just saty in the same size?

Does anybody here have a tattoo? Did you go trough something similar to the situation Ive described? What happened?

Speal your mind.

9/11/2004 9:42pm,
Good question. A tattoo is nothing more than a specific amount of ink under the skin. Now say over the years that the skin moves, stretches as you gain and/or lose weight, ages, wrinkles, sags, etc. The ink will also move, start to blur and eventually become a fuzzy blotch. It all depends on how much your body changes and how long the tat is there.

Just take a look at people with old tattoos. You'll rarely see crisp, well-defined lines on old tattoos.

9/11/2004 9:55pm,
Tattoos will deform and stretch with the changing shape of a body. Also, something most people don't know, the ink in your skin will fade in the sun like any ink, so watch out for sunburns.

9/11/2004 10:21pm,
The best place for tattoos is on the forehead.

Traditional Tom
9/11/2004 10:23pm,
why the **** would you want a tattoo? its an identifying mark.
plus it just turns into 'wrinkly gibberish' as you get older.

9/11/2004 10:52pm,
Don't listen to him!

Tattoos are cool!

Just look!

9/11/2004 11:18pm,
Yes, I was wondering the same thing. Somebody be serious...

9/12/2004 1:21am,



Learn to Google you pathetic f#*ks!

9/12/2004 1:45am,
I have a tatoo and it hasn't changed much since the time I got it. However, it has faded a little bit. If you're getting a tatoo, just be sure to take care of it. I don't expect a tatoo to stretch that much unless you go from Steve Urkel to Dorian Yates.

9/12/2004 5:19am,
I'm tattooed.

One on my back and one of my right calf.

If you get one then put on muscle it will stretch with the skin. Mine are usually covered so there hasn't been much fading since I've gotten them. Do take care of it when you initially get it or you may have scarred your body for nothing.

As far as being a indentifying mark. If you don't plan on becoming a secret agent or a career criminal don't worry about it. It will not prevent you from getting things like security clearances or security jobs in general.

Billy Havoc
9/12/2004 5:31am,
i've had mine for a few years now.... it may have stretched because i gained some mass, but it don't look deformed at all.

and asia's right take care of it if it's new... the tattoo artist will tell you how.

Lights Out
9/12/2004 7:16am,
I know some people are all against tattoos and I respect that. The thing is, its my body, and if I wanted a tattoo, its my business. I understand and respect your POW, but I have mine.

Im aware of the care a tattoo needs, Im still considering where I should get it (I mean, in which studio). Ill have it on my left shoulder, and Im still looking for the right design.

Edited to avoid double post- I was thinking of a celtic design, in case you want to know.

9/12/2004 8:01am,
lets have a pic then

Lights Out
9/12/2004 8:06am,
I got some pics of the basic design I want to get inked. Theyre not the deffinitive ones, the best option is to work with the artist to get an unique design which I can be sure of 100%.

As soon as I find out how I can post pics from my PC, I will hev then posted here.

9/12/2004 8:26am,
Originally posted by chaosexmachina
Yes, I was wondering the same thing. Somebody be serious...

I am being serious! The best looking, longest lasting tats are;

1. Young
2. On a stable body (no dramatic physical changes in weight, size, etc.)
3. Simple designs that don't rely on fine, thin linework or complex color combinations.
4. Located on a protected, unexposed area of the body.

Lights Out
9/12/2004 8:29am,
Originally posted by osopardo
Just take a look at people with old tattoos. You'll rarely see crisp, well-defined lines on old tattoos.

But they can be... uuh... restored? cant they?