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9/11/2004 3:35am,

9/11/2004 3:45am,

The Coach
9/11/2004 4:44am,
WOW, grappling must give you skin of steel!!!

9/11/2004 7:46am,
dont they tell you NOT to kick when someone has a knife?

9/11/2004 8:22am,
That clip is hillarious.

I love the way the knife attacker stabs the "grappler" a thousand times... to show how "ineffective" the grappling technique is.

Wouldn't any good martial artist try to trap/diarm etc. the knife wielding hand BEFORE they decide that a "bear hug" is the best defence? Hmmm....

Now...when the "kickers" are defending themselves, they both end up on the floor.

If there was a guy lying on the floor, and I had a knife, why not grab and stab his leg?

Plus, I love the knife-guys attack strategy: just stand there and get kicked a hundred times, then fall down and flail.

So funny.

9/11/2004 9:01am,
How incredibly....stupid...

9/11/2004 10:35am,
We are still willing to send Omega to back their BS uo.

9/11/2004 12:03pm,
Only thing missing is the "I know Kung Fu/Show me" dialogue

9/11/2004 1:06pm,
The "vs knife" thing was stupid, but the kicking from the floor was actually very good. You can seem something like that by Mirko Cro Cop. Besides, the push kicks did look fast, focused, and powerful.

Sure, it's biased as hell, but it's a good show all the same.

9/11/2004 1:13pm,
You are clueless Orion. I have two words for you: "Femoral Artery".

Wastrel posted about this the first time these videos came up and that was the video that infuriated him the most. I will look it up momentarily...

Edit: http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10671

9/11/2004 1:26pm,
Wow. Did anyone else notice when the guy with the knife would have cut the kicker's leg?

9/11/2004 1:41pm,
Yea, not to mension , the one good jab the guy with the knife got to the stumach. Near the start of the first fight.

I agree with stillkicking any MAist, or NORMAL person for that fact. Would go for the knife, just get it out, or at least stop it from casueing any real harm. A normal atk, vs a knife attack is no match. No idiot would try to attack a person with a knife, before getting control of it,

9/11/2004 1:52pm,
Shumagorath, let's see if I can make myself more clear.
The "vs knife" thing was stupid. That is, that stuff will get you killed.
Want me to elaborate some more?
The kicking from the ground, done like that, is a good skill to have. If you use it against a knife, you're asking for a cut in your thighs. And now drop the caffeine and try to pay attention to what I write.

9/11/2004 2:08pm,
Upon reviewing the video, there is one other detail to note:

As far as I can see, the knife-wielding attacker touches his blade to the chest of the first defender with relative ease.

And yeah, in the video, the knife-guy seems to only makes his attacks for the head or chest of the defender...never his legs!

Smoke and mirrors much?

BTW, I think to make the training in an elevator even more realistic, they should open one side of the box now and then to simulate people getting on and off at different floors. Plus, an instrumental arrangement of "Smooth Operator" muzak playing in the background would also be a nice touch.


9/11/2004 6:08pm,
I'm sure grappling could be much more effective, if the guy grappling knew what he was doing. Or, well wasn't trying to sell his MA over grappling arts.

9/12/2004 6:25pm,
"This is what happens when you use Ki Chuan Do principles against a knife". Right when hey says "Ki", he sure shows us - you get stabbed in the chest. Yeah. THAT is SO much better than grappling.

In the KCD parts, the attacker did not stab as aggressively as in the first. He should have sliced the legs wide open. Femoral artery, like the other guys said. Even if you don't get an artery, it should still open the defender's defenses.

On your back?? Doesn't sound like a good idea, to me.