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9/11/2004 3:13am,
quentin terrantino and jet li plus a bunch of kung fu movie highklights.

9/11/2004 5:19am,
**** that, otherwise FX is great for the Shield and Nip/tuck. Havent's seen Rescue Me yet, though I've always loved Dennis Leary's stuff so I'd probably like it.

If for no other reason, watch FX for The Shield. Probably the est cop drama ever.

Jaguar Wong
9/11/2004 10:50am,
Man that was the worst collection of kung fu movie clips ever. I've seen better kung fu clip collection movies. It was just a Hero info-mercial.

The Shield does indeed rock. I was hooked on the first season of Nip/Tuck, but this season I've been changing the channel during the show, looking for anything else to catch my eye. The upcoming episode looks pretty good, though.