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9/10/2004 8:00pm,
In the effort to make California the throwdown standard of Bullshido its time for a new planning thread.


Modcom has been very generous in allowing us to use his school but I think its time to find an alternate location.


list dates available

9/12/2004 3:14am,
all i need is at least a two weeks notice. but as always i'm down and it'll be takedown time.

9/12/2004 1:57pm,
Like I said in the Sacramento training group thread, Discovery Park might be a option. The park is located at Garden Hwy & Discovery Park Dr Sacramento, CA 94203, close to the Garden Highway exit of I-5.

I just went running there this morning. There are wide open grassy spaces, there was a cool breeze, and the place was basically empty, just a few other runners and bikers on the bike trail. If we scheduled it early in morning (9-12?) we shouldn't have any problems.

My house is near by, so any out-of-towners that didn't want to make an early morning drive could crash there the night before.

mod com gym
9/12/2004 2:20pm,
We enjoy hosting but away games are fun too...
The more advance notice the better!

10/19/2004 10:30pm,
Someone PLEASE PM me when this gets scheduled, Sacramento is a fuckin barge from Santa Cruz, but I've been dyin to go to a throwdown, more to learn then to fight, but I still wanna got a few rounds with someone. I always hear about how cool these are, so let me know when you do this, and I'll try and make the trip. I might even be able to get a few friends along as well.

10/19/2004 11:41pm,
I'm in with enough notice ahead of time.

Disclaimer: I can ACTUALLY make it this time since I'm now 18...so **** you guys. :)

10/21/2004 3:38pm,
So when do you guys want to do this?

10/21/2004 6:33pm,
I basically do nothing, ever...


so most times are good for me. But I got Highschool, so it has to be on a weekend, like saturday. or somethin. Besides that, I can check my callender and get back to you, but lets hear some dates thrown around. I got I think 3 people or so I can convince to come as well.

10/21/2004 8:41pm,
Next weekend? I can take my weekend morning class time and host the throwdown. What ever is clever for you people. Just let me know ahead of time.

10/22/2004 7:24pm,
Next weekends a litle short notice. I still gotta somehow convince my mom to, as she would put it.

"drive out to sacramento, to meet with some guys I met on the internet (and fight with them)"

Yeah, maybe like, 2-3 weeks if thats cool. Still gotta convince friends to come with me as well. Hmm, when my mom gets back I'll ask her, and see what she says. There is a slight possibility I could go this weekend, unlikely, but possilbe. Whats the name of the place we'll be at, cause it would definitely seem less shaky if she new we were meeting at some credible place, and not just like, a dark alley or some other dumb thing moms think about.

10/22/2004 8:57pm,
If its close to San Francisco (I have to take public transportation) and if I dont have any exams coming up then I'm game.

10/23/2004 9:18am,
Next weekend also would not be good for me. I'm going to "Martial Arts Day" at Marine World.

10/23/2004 12:43pm,
Hmm, So where are we gonna do this? Is it settled on Sacramento?

10/24/2004 6:59pm,
Its looking like two or three weeks down the road in Woodland.

10/24/2004 7:35pm,
Thats about right. How does Nov. 6th sound?

10/24/2004 8:33pm,
Oooh...I got Reserve Duty...sorry.