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9/09/2004 10:48am,
Tae Kwon Do benefits individual participants of all ages and also is a great family activity

Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do Karate all benefit children and parents in the areas of school home and work. Lafayette, louisville and erie is a good place to start

(PRWEB) August 27, 2004 -- Nearly 20,000 students can attest to the value of their training in Tae Kwon Do at Stephen Oliver’s Mile High Karate®. The Founder, Master Stephen Oliver, said the school has promoted over 1,000 Black Belts, ranging in age from 5 years to 76 years since its founding in August 1983. Edit: Uh oh!

Hundreds of students and parents of students have provided testimonials of the value the training provides the student not only to become physically fit, but also to have a substantial increase in self esteem, confidence and increased discipline and focus. Most youth show vast improvement in their academic studies and personal behavior and motivation as they make the teaching and philosophies a part of their daily lives. Many of these came from Lafayette, Louisville, Erie, and Superior.

Oliver said, “In our curriculum a critical part of the training includes character development. We also emphasize how youth can become safe at school and on the street. These values are taught in the first four months of curriculum by learning positive characteristics such as good attitude, good habits, good self-control and good manners. Also taught are ways to avoid conflict, being alert to strangers, rules of safety and how one should trust his or her own intuition.”

Oliver continued, “While the student is learning how to kick, block and punch, and the philosophy to use these skills only for self -defense, they more importantly are learning how to take better control of their own lives and to achieve goals which they desire to attain.”

Oliver has lived by the principles he has learned and teaches. Besides being a seventh degree black belt, Oliver graduated from Georgetown University with honors in Economics and later received his MBA from the University of Denver.

Oliver discovered early on the interest adults had in learning Tae Kwon Do and the philosophies taught when checking out the school and enrolling their children. He says in most cases, when parents bring their children to the school to begin training, they decide to also enroll and find the interaction and opportunity to share similar goals with their children is a great family activity. Each individual not only benefits from physical exercises, but also gains an appreciation for what the other family member does to achieve goals to earn their own Black Belt.

In the coming weeks you are likely to hear more about the form of Tae Kwon Do that is taught at Stephen Oliver’s Mile High Karate. The form taught is Tae Kwan Do, the martial arts program that is an event of the Summer Olympics that will have international athletes contending for medals in Athens, Greece.

If you are looking for a great summer activity to positively influence your children and their personal behavior, or if you want to be involved in a program for yourself, check out the free two-week offer for Tae Kwon Do lessons at the Stephen Oliver’s Mile High Karate web site at www.freekarate.com or call 1-800-229-2286. There are currently nine conveniently located Denver metro area locations with three new schools planned soon for Broomfield, Parker, and Northglenn, Lafayette, Louisville, Erie, Longmont, Boulder.


Is one thousand black belt promotions a good thing?
Is it for freaking FIVE YEAR-OLDS?

I like their offer of two-weeks free, more schools should do that so students can get a feel for the school as opposed to just one class. Freeloaders!

9/09/2004 10:52am,
One thousand black belts. It boggles the mind.

9/16/2004 4:35am,
Why is it always Kwondo ?