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9/09/2004 3:24am,
The first one is an interesting montage of clips with Hatsumi soke at a Tai Kai about 6 years ago. I don''t know how long this will be available, but its pretty rare to find video of the
guy doing stuff online.

CityComTV Hatsumi Videos (http://tv.motionmanage.com/net_hp/navi/navi.aspx?site_id=nodasi&channel=0&movie_no=339&link=ok)

9/09/2004 3:31am,
Why are those guys wearing little black boots and falling down without being touched? It reminds me a bit of the Systema videos.

9/09/2004 3:35am,
Oh my!!!!

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9/09/2004 3:46am,
Watch out bushi...you don't want to be sarcastic around ninjas they'll rip your heart even though they aren't near you with their magical powah's.

9/09/2004 4:02am,
ok, time to inject some hetero into this thread-


I think those ninjas will end up like the black guy in this video- FUCKED UP.

9/09/2004 4:03am,
Why are those guys wearing little black boots and falling down without being touched? It reminds me a bit of the Systema videos.

Tabi offer protection for the feet in an environment where shoes are inappropriate (inside many dojos and in Japan pretty much anything with a roof). The soled variety are used by dancers, theatre performers, etc. and friends who have been to Japan even saw some roof workers using them, presumably for the same reasons: they offer a degree of support and protection without sacrificing much flexibility or sensitivity. I finally got a pair after 2 years of training and am quite glad I did so. They are also designed to be worn with sandals.

Funny I thought that some of the systema videos looked like some of this stuff... BUT I don't see anyone falling down without being touched. In fact there is usually at least 2 points of contact being used. Perhaps you are referring to situations where the uke chooses to roll away when his balance and position has been completely (albiet subtely) comprimised.

I should have warned viewers that this is not a demonstration against Teh st733t r3zistance!!11!!, it is a seminar and he is addressing some specific points. As far as notes made against a lack of "resistance" or speed on the part of his ukes, I would only point out how much more slowly and restrained Hatsumi's own movement is. More significant is the relative positioning and timing he demonstrates between himself and his partners.

And keep in mind that he is over 70 years old in this video :)

9/09/2004 4:14am,
I can't see the video from work but I have seen Hatsumi in taikais. He usually shows principles or techniques and lets you play with them.

As for the tabi. Not knock the cool footgear!:D Spunky is right tabi, even today, is normal footwear all around (ie most tabi wearing in NON MA related) there are different soles for different surfaces.

9/09/2004 4:14am,
I never knew that about those black bootees.

Well for 70 he can move pretty well. I am not really familiar with this kind of demonstration though.

9/09/2004 4:19am,
The thing about Dekkers is that he looks awesome against guys he completely outclasses, but he's dissapointingly average with an even opponent, and his k-1 record is something like 1-1-1.

9/09/2004 5:34am,
yeah, because Coban was only an average opponent after all. oh hold on, hes one of the best fighters thailand has to offer, my bad. not to mention the ass he kicked in europe until he finally ran out of ass and had to go to thailand to find someone who would actually fight him.

I had a copy of an interview with him somewhere, where he said something along the lines of "that K-1 **** is whack, the rules are for pussies. thaiboxing 4 lyfe nigz"

Lights Out
9/09/2004 6:40am,
Dekker is a great figher and I admier him so much, no matter what some people may say.

Take a look. (http://www.fightingmaster.com/legends/dekkers/titles.htm)

9/09/2004 7:35am,
Can't get it to work? :confused:

WingChun Lawyer
9/09/2004 8:09am,
Three words:


9/09/2004 8:57am,
Interesting, that actually was a lot better than I expected. Hatsumi certainly is on a different level than some of his American followers.

Also the first standing armlock with the arms twisted together is what prompted me to start this thread: http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=13779

9/09/2004 8:58am,
Originally posted by Zeddy
Can't get it to work? :confused:

I had to switch to IE to watch it.

9/09/2004 9:21am,
I put it in IE, I get to the page, and click on one of the images. It get's a "Now on air" written on it, and nothing happens? :confused: