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1/10/2003 4:06pm,
Does anyone have any good suggestions for Phrost on how to make this site pay off for him? Obviously the McDojo shirt sale hasnt gone too good for him.
I suggested that maybe he could make some mony if we have some sort of lottery where people could send him cash to win some sort of prize? And whatever amount extra (minus the cost of the prize) goes to Phrost. The poor guy put alot of time and money on this site and its not doing to good for him. I'm sure the man has bills to pay yet alone the maintenace fee for the site. I would really hate to see this site shut down.
Maybe some of us could donate some old martial gear or magazines to Phrost and have that auction off here??? At least it might have the site pay for itself. What do others think? Any good ideas?


1/10/2003 4:11pm,
ya right!

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I Give BJJs
1/10/2003 4:33pm,
I really don't think selling anything will save the site, or help it pay off for Phrost.

I think the key would be to try and get companies to advertise here, given the amount of traffic the site recieves, but then he may have to bend to the will of the sponsors......so who knows.

Wan Hung Lo
1/10/2003 4:59pm,
I think it's funny that most everyone on this site calls someone a "McDojo" for trying to make money in the martial arts, now someone wants to know how to make this site "pay off." Show me da money!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Oh wait a minute! Does that mean this site has gone ....McDojo??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

KC Elbows
1/10/2003 4:59pm,
I give BJJ's probably is right.

The unfortunate thing is, it's a target for some morons. Because they're the ones who will suffer from its existence. Thus, Phrost takes the hit every time someone comes on and makes a comment about a school. Even though the ones sueing are probably the same ones who have it coming.

A sponsor would be good. The best bets would be sponsors tied to mma as opposed to TMA, as the mma sponsors would have little problem with the nature of this site, while the TMA ones cater to legitimate schools as well as catering to mcdojos.

KC Elbows
1/10/2003 5:02pm,
No Wan, we don't give schools flack for raising money, I've seen very few people on here who say anything like that. Most say that mcdojo is when money is more important than quality in the school- like a fast food restaurant. Fast food restaurants don't expect the respect of gourmets. Why should a mcdojo?

1/10/2003 5:03pm,
What about companies that sell MA gear, like Century or companies like that? have them advertise here. And there's always MA magazines.

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1/10/2003 5:07pm,
ADvertising more seems like a good idea - may be difficult though(?)

Regular visitors might be persuaded to buy a T-shirt, even donate a very small amount of money (Pay Pal.)

I;d buy a T-shirt (I think I will.)

The Wastrel
1/10/2003 6:02pm,
I put up a thread calling for people to buy a T-shirt, and I put my money where my mouth is. That's the least that people can do.

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1/10/2003 10:29pm,
I suppose if Phrost does mangae to sell something at least it does help cover some of the costs of this site. Other than that he doesnt have any reason to continue to keep the site up.


1/10/2003 10:31pm,
Jamoke I'm not surprise you didnt have anything positive to contribute. Most would agree here.


1/10/2003 10:35pm,
Wang Hung Lo- this site cost money to run. Its not like the admin gets it running for free. If the site doesnt pay off why keep it running at all? Your just chucking money out of your own pocket if thats the case.


KC Elbows
1/10/2003 11:02pm,
Because Phrost believes in it. There are other things besides making money.

BJJ Grappler
1/11/2003 8:59am,
I agree with IGBBJ thats how most other sites keep running, by having other companies advertise there, but I think it already has one from century on the home page.

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I Give BJJs
1/11/2003 12:54pm,
yay, a fellow gay BJJer......welcome friend

BJJ Grappler
1/11/2003 3:16pm,
Thank you. Charmed.

"How Long Do You Think It Would Take Me To Beat Her, 5 Seconds?" - Shoot Figher Alex Keenan Reffering to a TKD 2nd Degree BB Who Thought She Could Take Him.