View Full Version : MAKING THIS SITE PAY

1/10/2003 4:05pm,
Does anyone have any good suggestions for Phrost on how to make this site pay off for him? Obviously the McDojo shirt sale hasnt gone too good for him.
I suggested that maybe he could make some mony if we have some sort of lottery where people could send him cash to win some sort of prize? And whatever amount extra (minus the cost of the prize) goes to Phrost. The poor guy put alot of time and money on this site and its not doing to good for him. I'm sure the man has bills to pay yet alone the maintenace fee for the site. I would really hate to see this site shut down.
Maybe some of us could donate some old martial gear or magazines to Phrost and have that auction off here??? At least it might have the site pay for itself. What do others think? Any good ideas?