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1/10/2003 3:54pm,
Has anyone seen Shoot & Hook competitions? What do you think about it? I saw it on TV I thought it was pretty good like to see it live.

1/11/2003 11:56pm,
Hey, If you mean Hook and Shoot, then yes. I have recently been to the December show in Ft. Lauderdale and I thought the fights were quite good. Lots of action with some teams such as AMC Pankration, HammerHOuse, and American Top Team bringing fighters and got to meet and bullshit with some of the fighters and coaches including Mo Smith, Shannon Briggs, and Mark Coleman, who was getting completing drunk while cornering some of his fighters from the HammerHouse.
Here's a breif review: American Top Team brought out several black belts from Brazil that all won their matches by submission. Both Hermes Franca and Dustin Denes looked great on the ground. Matt Hume schooled Pain Peters finishing by armbarring from mount. Aarron Reily had the fight of the night against a Brazilian that trains with Marco Ruas. Continuous action, going from stand-up, ground, and back again. You seriously have to hit Aarron Rielly with a brick to stop him, he takes punches and smiles. Wes Sims beat Conan Silvera in the final fight of the night TKOing Conan with strikes after he whizzered to counter Conan's bodylock in the 2nd round after being taken down and had his back taken by Conan earlier in the 1st round.
All in all good fights, TKO's, submissions, aggressive quality fighters looking to press the action. If you like Mixed Martial Arts, then Hook and Shoot is a good show. To draw a comparison it is akin to KOTC, or WFA, or Rage in the Cage, a second-tier venue that gets quality fighters, but below UFC and Pride.

1/12/2003 12:13am,
It hard to go a day without watching Hook n Shoot Revolution! <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

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1/12/2003 3:37pm,
That was it, sorry Hook n Shoot Revolution. I caught the last two matches.There's a show in Ft. Lauderdale in March or February not sure,I have to call and try to get to see it.