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9/08/2004 2:33am,
Ok, I posted a thread on this a couple months ago. Several people are down for the idea, and it's time to make it happen. From the people I've talked to, weekends are best and any time of day is fine. This goes for me too. So what I need is for people to post what days are best for them, and if a certain time of day is preferable, let us know. Also, we need to organize a place for this weekly training group to happen. Xero said we can use his trainer's place, but two downsides. FIrst of all, there'll likely be a small fee, and if possible I wanna avoid having everyone pay a fee. Also, his trainer's place is in Woodland, which is pretty far for most of us. Actually, scratch that, just found out while talking to him, we can't use his trainer's place anyway.

So bottom line: EVeryone who's interested, post here ASAP! Tell us your best days, best time(s) of day, and we need to figure out where we can do it.

Guerilla Fists
9/08/2004 2:40am,
Saturday: after 3
Sunday: after noon.

Wednesday: all damn day bitches...all damn day

9/09/2004 2:05am,
Weekends are good for me. As for a place I don't really know. I was really excited about the open mat at Xero's gym in Woodland, it sounded viable to me, but I guess that's not happening now.

A while back I tried checking out places to host a throwdown, with no luck. Local parks might be an option if people don't mind grass stains and dealing with onlookers. Discovery Park is close to my house, I go running there a lot. It's big enough that we could probably find a place where we wouldn't be bothered too much. It costs money to actually drive into the park, but I usually park near by and walk in.

The park is located at Garden Hwy & Discovery Park Dr Sacramento, CA 94203.

9/09/2004 2:07am,
Ya know, I've never been to California. Always meant to go...

9/09/2004 2:42am,
Eh, thank the city of woodland for being asses and denying a business permit due to zoning. We are looking to relocate.

9/09/2004 2:46am,
A park is fine with me. If no one else has issue with it, let's do it. Otherwise, we might have to wait until Xero's trainer finds another place.

So, is the park good for everyone then?

9/09/2004 3:53am,
ill kick ass and chew bubblegum anywhere

9/12/2004 1:54pm,
I just went running in the park this morning. There are wide open grassy spaces, there was a cool breeze, and the place was basically empty, just a few other runners and bikers on the bike trail. If we scheduled it early in morning (9-12?) we shouldn't have any problems.