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1/10/2003 11:00am,
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I think it would be an excellent idea to have a Style vs Style forum, and anything which relates to some martial art being as good as, worse or better than another martial art should be posted or if not orginally posted there then moved to this proposed section.

That way alot of threads may not turn into a defending of a style thread (let's just say a topic/thread did - it could be moved.)

This section could also be used to compliment the style vs style videos, and also used as a discussion about the videos, any topics relating to the videos would be moved to the Style vs Style forum.

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1/10/2003 12:33pm,
Smells like flame bait to me.

<Me> John, what do you know about Zen Buddhism? <John> *smacks me*
<John> I'd have to smack you sometime...

1/10/2003 2:00pm,
I guess a little spice on the forum doesnt hurt once in awhile.


TKD Boxer
1/10/2003 2:57pm,
I think it is a good idea, why shouldn't we have it, alot of other threads turn into style vs style threads anyway.

1/10/2003 3:16pm,
style vs style whats the point? If find a style which I feel suits me and you find one that suits you. You're going to debate me & tell me how great your style is, how are you truly going to prove it to me?

1/10/2003 3:49pm,
How is a martial art "better" from another? I think the word you're looking for is "different".

1/10/2003 4:55pm,
Thanks Freddy and TKD boxer.

no, I wouldn't tell u my style is beter and is the best, that's arrogance - I might try to show you that a certain art is better than the other. I wouldn;t just say that my moves are much better than your moves for which ever illogical, theoretical reasons I would ask you to try the moves out etc. Also see videos and go to some classes, try different arts etc.

So to discuss this sort of thing on a specific forum could be quite interesting.

Astra I'm afriad that's just incorrect - many styles are better than many other styles for certain reasons, this is proveable too. :)

If you find a style which suits you then fine, stay with it but if you truely want to know which styles are the best, which are the worst, then you'd have to practise alot of the MAs. However through disscussion you may be persuaded that some arts are alot more effecient than others and just except that fact. :)

I don;t want to turn this into a style vs style argument right here, so why not make a forum? :)

To prove all this?

Just Spar, limited rules with one of your fellow martial artists, and see what happens - can you use the moves, can u try something else which may or may not happen?

DO videos (UFC or whatever) etc convince you at all (
of a style's effectiveness)?

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1/10/2003 5:06pm,
No UFC does not convince me of anything.

1/10/2003 5:10pm,
ufc CONCINCES ME If tma was the winner of ufc right now that would use it like we use it. But since they lost so bad they say (thats not how a real fight gos) Lol what a load of **** i would love to see what they could do on the street.

1/10/2003 5:36pm,
how about no rules Vale Tudo? Or Finfight? they have no rules?

What sttyle do u study Ryu? (shotokan I'm guessing.)
I agree to an extent with Judo-Kid.

1/11/2003 9:32pm,

1/11/2003 10:56pm,
I think it would be a great way to steer crappy discussions away from all the other forums.

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1/11/2003 11:28pm,
yeah if you consider them to be crappy, but it is intended to keep that type of discussion awy from the usual forums.

1/12/2003 6:19am,
Blade Windu did you go check out a WT lesson yet?


1/12/2003 12:47pm,
not yet no time now, after next week will post about it told u :D

How is Wing Tsun going for you guest?

1/12/2003 3:07pm,
Just because someone who trains under a certain style can beat someone else from another style doesn't validate that one style is better then the other.

All it says is that the person who won is in general a better fighter. Why do other boxers beat other boxers? They both have the exact same training its just one overcomes the other.

So to come to the generalization that everyone in that style could be as easily beaten by the same person just because he trains in so and so style is ridiculous.