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9/06/2004 5:41pm,
the worst of them all (http://www.abirwarriorarts.com/photogallery2.htm)

you see, i'm not one to point and laugh... but i lived in Israel for 13 years (now i'm in chicago), and basically that's where i feel at home. this guy is disgracing my home and in my opinion he is a disgrace to humanity. anyhow, just want everyone to know, that no one in israel is like this guy. he does not represent people doing martial arts there. he is the biggest fool i have ever seen/heard/spit on/sat on/had nightmares of. feel free to fear his wrath.
this guy makes hans eric bristol look like royce gracie on a good day.

enough is enough already martial arts are going to hell.:eek:

9/06/2004 5:44pm,
hahahahahahhahaha look at his fucking curls. What a badass.

9/06/2004 5:45pm,
i've decided when i get back to israel im gonna challenge this guy and beat the crap out of his ass.

9/06/2004 5:48pm,

9/06/2004 5:49pm,

9/06/2004 5:53pm,
Oh now that is just too funny

Gypsy Jazz
9/06/2004 6:30pm,
This has left me speechless. I live in a mostly jewish town...I see the really religious folks walking to temple every friday. They are dressed less formally than this guy. I really can't do anything but stare in awe of this man's awesome amount of facial hair, what might be a ceremonial robe of some sort, and his deep and or flowery wushu-esque stances. This is something I am sending to most, if not all of my jewish friends.

9/06/2004 6:38pm,
Aerial chain kicking????? WHATTTTTTTT!

9/06/2004 6:38pm,
Okay, this is definitely a MUST READ thread.

fuggen hilarious

9/06/2004 7:06pm,

Wasn't "jew-jitsu" freddy's style at some point?

9/06/2004 7:31pm,
Oye vey.

9/06/2004 9:15pm,
Sucks to be Israel

9/06/2004 9:32pm,
Teh deadly art of Jew-Jitsu!! Throw rocks at the cars of Shabbos Goyim travelling through your mildly updated 19th Century style ghetto during Shabbos, and all other relevant Chagim with deadly accuracy! Learn to argue your opponents into madness through the use of six different yet equally relevant opinions, or guilt your opponents into suicide with the highest form of Jewish Guilt!

At higher levels - Conjure Golems to mangle a rampaging anti-Semitic mob of Czechs through the ancient internal art of Kabbalah, as well as call down the wrath of the almighty in all new and exciting forms of Biblical vengeance! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

9/06/2004 9:33pm,
Originally posted by RockTiger
Aerial chain kicking????? WHATTTTTTTT!

Exactly my thoughts.

9/06/2004 9:33pm,
http://www.abirwarriorarts.com/pics/alefbet formation(2)sm.jpg

What, exactly are they doing?

9/06/2004 9:33pm,
Ned, what's the theme for September?