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The Crack Taoist
9/06/2004 4:20am,
The next apartment is going to be the uber-bachelor pad.
Therefore the living room has been designated as the
gym area.

I will be taking Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu at a
MMA gym however it is a long commute from school
(over an hour).My new apartment will be on campus...

I have some cash to drop on gear and toys and so
I come to you and ask... what should be on my list.

Thus far I have
dumbbells (assorted, light weights, old)
4 Kettlebells (2 x 16kg, 2 x32kg)
Various Escrima gear (sticks, tire/post set up, weighted
Mats (for throwing and falling practice).

Also on the list are a standup heavy bag (with a rack and
an attached speed bag) and one of those hook/uppercut
"box" things. I'm planning on getting a few different types
of bags for the hevaybag rack (teardrop and bannana etc.)

What else should I have on the list?
Maybe a Barbell rack?
Is there any ubercool toy for training MT knees?

Every bit of time I can spend on solo training is time
I can spend at the gym on BJJ instead of MT.

9/06/2004 6:12am,
Is there any ubercool toy for training MT knees?
Modify your tyre post setup.

The Crack Taoist
9/06/2004 9:21am,
good idea. Will try that out.

9/06/2004 9:51am,
A warning on overusing your home setup.

There's a reason why most gyms stink like old sweat and most people put such setups in their garages or basement.

9/06/2004 10:04am,
Ask the local pothead where you can buy a high powered ionizer.

That should deal with the stink pretty well...


9/06/2004 12:17pm,
There so much cooler then a chin up bar....

9/06/2004 12:54pm,
For me, it would have to include:
pullup bar
dip station
squat rack
really, really enormous heavy bag
two end bag
slip bag
scrapper's workout tapes

The Crack Taoist
9/14/2004 11:32am,
Er.. that's gonna be ME dude. :) Puff puff, PASS!

This is what I have my eye on...

Squat rack.. ja.

I'm gonna get a couple a three different bags for the
rack also.

9/14/2004 11:52am,
Nashville Throwdown?

9/14/2004 11:53am,
Who is Scrapper?

9/14/2004 11:53am,
" a little less conversation, alot more action..."

9/14/2004 12:00pm,
What brand of mats are you getting? I'm looking to put together a BJJ room at my house.

Fa Jing
9/14/2004 12:32pm,

9/15/2004 7:42am,
pommel horse

9/15/2004 7:18pm,
I believe this is the thread you were looking for... http://bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=14390


9/16/2004 1:16am,
wooden dummy of course