View Full Version : LOL @ response to my website.

9/05/2004 10:55am,
Remember how I made a reality lung do kwan ryu kung fu website? well i got a response.

Just for telling you that there is no jungle in afghanistan, as it is written in one of your testimonial.

(like massive destruction weapon in Irak)

but it is not the only stupid thing I've red on your site...

It seems that american people are ready to believe everything. Before learnin "deadly technique", they should learn how to use their brain....

But I know, it's just business...

Take care

********, wing tsun student in south of ******.

at least he knows his r t3h boolsheedo!

9/05/2004 12:11pm,
Priceless. He complains that your stuff is inaccurate, but then says it's alright because you're trying to sell something.

And people wonder why bullshido is needed.

Transcendent Sunchips
9/05/2004 2:43pm,
His sentence structure contains a lot of bullshido.

9/05/2004 5:45pm,
maybe he went to a bullshido high school english class

9/05/2004 6:18pm,
HA! That was my testimonial about the jungles of afghanistan. Man, is that guy SHARP!

Time for some more testimonials...

9/05/2004 6:49pm,
This is good, so, so good.

9/06/2004 5:15pm,
Wow, I loved the way he used the word "red" in the letter.