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Deadpan Scientist
9/04/2004 11:02pm,
Inspired by another thread

I'll post a name, you tell me what you think of that person, then you post a name, the next person says what they think about that person, etc etc

The Wastrel

9/04/2004 11:48pm,
Great, I feel like i'm writing an obituary:

Wastrel was incredibly arrogent, but usually with just cause. He attacked any percieved flaws in logic or conclusion so vigerously that it often enfuriated those who could not defend their points with simular intelligence and/or information. This didn't alwasy lead to the most synthetic discussions, but it cut out all the BS.

However, what set the Wastrel apart from other cynics was that he put forth ideas to replace those that he tore down. He was and remains the poster whom I most enjoyed reading.

Next: Boyd

9/05/2004 12:41am,
Boyd is incredibly caustic, usually with no just cause. He attacked any percieved flaws in logic or conclusion so unconventionally that it often infuriated those who would not defend their posts with similar preposterosity and/or disinformation. This didn't always lead to the most harmonius discussions, but it cut through (yet added to)all the BS.

However, what set Boyd apart from other cynics was that he forced people to replace preconcieved ideas. He was and remains the poster whom I most enjoyed reading.

Next: Dochter

9/05/2004 12:54am,
Dochter occasionally has his head up his ass over certain (usually not MA related) topics, but like most truely intelligent people, when he's right, he's dead on. He has the gift og clarity as well, making it a pleasure to read his posts.

His greatest failing would probably be not realising that people who aren't as intelligent as he is sometimes can't see the irony/humour/mockery in what he's posting, and that makes him look like an asshole on occasion. One of my favorite people on the forum. A fun guy to talk to.

Next: Deus Ex Machina

9/05/2004 1:37am,
Deus ex Machina, the scourge of hookers everywhere, likes to play with sharp, pointy objects and roll around with sweaty men.
He is an asshole, but in a good way. His posts are usually funny and correct.
He helps counter balance a lot of the stupidity and boringness around here.
And he gets people pissy, which is always funny.
His greatest failing would have to be that he has not pissed off enough people lately.

9/05/2004 1:38am,
You forgot to hand off the ball...

9/05/2004 1:39am,
Next up...

9/05/2004 1:40am,
Ball now handed.

9/05/2004 1:44am,
We need The Wastrel for this one...

9/05/2004 1:45am,
Well, he is not here. So someone needs to nut up.

9/05/2004 1:59am,
Brand is still "on the ball".

Someone step up.

9/05/2004 2:00am,
A lot of the people described seem to have much in common...

9/05/2004 2:15am,
Brand is a somewhat good looking, strong opinioned guy... He can make well thought out informative posts or start threads that are so out of left field you would wonder if he has spent the day tokin with Piz. Dude knows food and cooking and can be fiercely loyal if not always right.

next: Anthony

9/05/2004 2:23am,
Maruading carebear???

9/05/2004 3:09am,
Damn...you guys are boring... OK...
Anthony is one of the posters that is the heart and soul of bullshido…in a good way. Anthony was one of the people that took it to Ashida Kim so hard that Kim is still left walking funny. In his actions he probably had the first real bullshido bust on someone known in the martial arts community.
Anthony tends to be reasonably polite (polite for here anyway) when he posts, but does not tolerate bullshit. He was a misguided into the cult of BJJ, for a while, but the Judo saved him….just kidding.
He is also probably one of the better poster when it comes to being able to describe grappling moves…
And he has a lot of “worldly” advice. :-)
Next up...first name I see...

9/05/2004 3:26am,