View Full Version : I'm Still Alive

Roidie McDouchebag
1/09/2003 5:45pm,
For anyone who's interested I've stopped training which is part of the reason I've stopped posting. I am glad to see Bullshido doing so well.

And traditional arts still suck like a crackhead desperate for money <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>.

1/09/2003 6:21pm,
Ohhhh!! Blast from the past! Good to hear from you man. Good luck with everything.

By the way, I have a bew Furey article I'm writing, make sure to check out what hes up to NOW..... you won't believe it.

1/09/2003 9:19pm,
Choke, what the ****? Why have you stopped?

And you were missed man.

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

1/09/2003 9:59pm,
I <3 Choke!

1/10/2003 4:20pm,
Choke!!??! Was wondering what happened to you..You should at least post, stay in touch in some small way!

<img src=icon_smile_blackeye.gif border=0 align=middle> Sam

1/10/2003 6:19pm,
are you going to start MA again?

you;re very correct ;) :P

Deadly ESS
1/13/2003 5:16pm,
I am saddened to here that you have stopped training. Can I ask why?

1/13/2003 7:37pm,
Sorry to hear that you have stopped training Choke. Hope everything is okay with you. With my self I had to slow down my training. I'm not training as extensively as before because of the tumor in my parathyroid (around my throat). The tumor irratates me sometimes and makes it uncomfortable to get good rest. I'm supposed to go in for surgery in Feburary sometime.