View Full Version : Busseystyle a Mcdojo?

1/08/2003 5:02pm,
I heard he used to be a bullshido "ninja" sensei, now he's back as a combat type. Anyone know about this fellow?


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1/08/2003 10:33pm,
Genuine Bussey Style was built on these ideas and the unique body mechanics and strategies of its founder, Robert Bussey.

Well, he invented his own body mechanics, so you really can't hold that against him.

1/08/2003 11:51pm,
I looked at the logo and expected to see a website about beer or jeans. Also, I think everyone might find this picture amusing...

The rest of their website? Ehh... I really can't say. There's a bad taste in my mouth, but there's nowhere near enough evidence on the table yet to raise solid suspicions.

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1/09/2003 5:37pm,
I was slightly put off by his gratuitous use of copyrigh and trademark symbols.

1/10/2003 12:08pm,
In the 80s I bought a book by Bussey on Ninjutsu. It was basic kicks and whatnot. Later I read that he went to Japan and got tested by Hatsumi and pretty much given rank overnight. Then he had ads in Black Belt magazine for videos on Ninjutsu and ran a ninja school.

Now he has his own style all of a sudden?

Maaaan, crap .. that means the latest craze is having your own style. There goes the neighborhood.

1/10/2003 2:06pm,
I have to agree it sounds too flaky to me. I remember that Bussey guy in the 80's too. Now he has his own style??? What load of crap.