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Rock Mechanic
9/02/2004 10:30am,

It's not just athletes who use steroids to build up their bodies. The muscle culture among gay men is leading many to quietly exploit the drugs while ignoring the potential side-effects.

As the Olympics demonstrated, steroids and sport still go hand-in-hand for those athletes who seek a short-cut to glory. The drugs' ability to build muscle, and so deliver better results, is now widely known.

But among gay men anabolic steroids first became common for health rather than vanity reasons. In the 1980s, doctors prescribed them as a way to combat AIDS-related weight loss, to complement a gym regime.

Some HIV+ men still have them prescribed today. But "anabolics" have developed more into a drug of choice than necessity.

The growing muscle culture in the gay scene has seen a thriving black market emerge as men seek a quick route to the "body beautiful".

This has provoked the NHS into action with a conference, believed to be the first of its kind, in London later this month to find out more about the relationship between gay men and steroids.

I have an image in my head of what I want to look like and who I want to attract


Pete's story: 'I want to get bigger'
The meeting coincides with the launch of an information leaflet aimed at gay men and setting out the risks of steroid use.

Figures are sketchy. A recent survey suggested one in seven gay men in gyms admitted using steroids in the past year, but other estimates put the figure at up to 50%.

Some needle exchanges in London report half their clients are gay men using steroids, which can be injected or taken as tablets.

Pete, a 29-year-old accountant in London, has put on nearly two stones since starting steroids four years ago. (See link above to find out more about Pete.)

Flex appeal

He said: "All my gay friends work out and about half use steroids.


there is more but its the principle thats funny

[ on a serious note: if you follow the link there is a PDF to tell you about the risks and dangers.]

9/02/2004 10:43am,
Old news.
There is a huge market for gay bodybuilders to be "escorts".
Ironman had an article a while back about it.

Traditional Tom
9/02/2004 11:48am,
in that case ronin, how much do you pull in a week? you freakishly large man you
dont hurt me!

9/02/2004 11:50am,
Flattery will get you an ass humping :)

Seriously, there is a huge gay following of bodybuilding, I am sure most know that.
And steroid use for "cosmetic" reasons is pretty common nowadays.

Roidie McDouchebag
9/02/2004 1:10pm,
Man...backne is not attractive, and no nuts has to be weird too...steroids will make you bigger and stronger, but I fail to see how they would make you more attractive.

9/02/2004 9:07pm,
Gays probably love 'men' with no nuts...

Back acne is horrible, though... even in my virginal youth in the fucking Finnish army I saw one guy ( who, surprise surprise was also the best muscled there) who had his entire back, both shoulders & face covered in the most fucking horrible warts ever... Even then I thought he must have taken some illegal substances ;)

I fail to understand, though, how he managed to avoid seeing that **** in the mirror and pretend he was looking great to himself...

9/15/2004 5:02pm,
r u a gay man that uses steriods?

Billy Havoc
9/21/2004 7:15am,
it is said, that in germany, about 70% of people who are into sports use steroids, gay or hetero, pro or amateur. in germany, if you aren't tall and/or muscular, you're bound to be very unhappy.

9/21/2004 2:16pm,
Anymore of this and I'll send you to Trollshido! Consider yourselves warned!

9/21/2004 2:46pm,
you're not funny

9/21/2004 3:41pm,
Originally posted by Billy Havoc
it is said, that in germany, about 70% of people who are into sports use steroids, gay or hetero, pro or amateur. in germany, if you aren't tall and/or muscular, you're bound to be very unhappy.

Including you?

Billy Havoc
9/23/2004 10:38am,
nope, no money

(besides, my girl would kill me if my nads or dick shrunk)