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9/02/2004 2:24am,
I finally decided to start training muay thai the other week and I visited a "local" (its a bit far but wtf) gym. I liked it and so I decided to start there. I called them to talk about payment and then it hit me: ITS SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE. I cant train there because I dont have the money and there is only one more MT gym in town, but their training times are only 1 hour 3 times a week. I dont have time for more than 3 times a week anyway but that its just one hour disturbs me a bit, do you think I should attend it anyway or is it just a waste of money then?

Lights Out
9/02/2004 9:58am,
It depedns on how hard is the training. In my gym, most MA classes are about 3 hours a week. Some of them are classes of 1 hour, and some of them are classes of an hour and a ahlf.
Sanda classes are two hours a week twice, and so are the BJJ classes. Anyway, most of the times, the classes get an extra time (varing from half an hour to an entire one).
3 hours a week seems fine if you train hard, at least for starters.
And is way better than none.