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9/01/2004 8:59am,
So, my bjj school might be going to some tournament the first week in October. the only problem is my teacher is going off of hearsay and doesn't have any real information yet.

Anyways, I forgot to ask in class last night so I'm going to ask here: How do the weight classes USUALLY go in grappling tourneys?

*I already know every tournament is different
**Before you ask, YES I am planning on cutting weight to get into another weight class.

9/02/2004 12:04pm,
usally they run abut every ten pounds or so
120 and under 120-139 and so on

9/02/2004 12:20pm,
awesome thanks

9/02/2004 12:32pm,
The bigger one's go every ten pounds, not every 19, meaning 150-159.9, 160-169.9, and so on. At least for the white and blue belt men's divisions.

9/02/2004 12:38pm,
Weight classes are for pussies !!
Fight in the heaviest you can get into.

9/02/2004 6:20pm,
Currently there are 2 types of weight divisions. 1) those that allow you to weigh in the night before 2) those that weigh you on the mat before your first match, with the Gi on.

Option 1 is fairly standard for most small and medium tournaments.

Option 2 is currently being adopted by the BIGGER tournaments : Mundials, PanAms, Us Open.
(example from the PanAms)

9/02/2004 10:39pm,
How much are you going to cut?

9/02/2004 11:18pm,
Is it the US Open that you're going to? I'm gonna be competing I think. Unfortunately, I way 140.8 WITHOUT the gi on, and the weight limit is 141. The weigh-in is right before the first match with the gi on, so I can't really cut the one or two pounds necessary. And to make it worse, if you don't make weight you are disqualified (and assumably don't get your money back) because the draws are so big they can't just move you up. I might have to fight at 155 or something, and be the lightest dude there. Not a big deal, I guess.

9/03/2004 9:14pm,
Mikus you could should start cutting a day ahead and go for the next class down. Maybe thatís just the wrestler in me but there is nothin like re-hydrating and being the biggest fucker in the group.

9/04/2004 12:43am,
Read the above posts. The US Open weighs you on the mat before the first match. Re-hydrating in 2minutes is a physical impossibility.

9/04/2004 6:43pm,
Bullsheet!! You should have at least an hour to re-hydrate. Where is the fun in having to fight at your own weight.

9/05/2004 6:19pm,
Even an hour is not enough time to fully hydrate. You may have that fluid in your stomach, but it needs to be distributed and your body needs time to re-calibrate.

I have always been an avid weight cutter, thinking that being the biggest dude in my weight class is the ONLY way to go - but the last 2 BJJ tournaments I did not cut weight and fought in a class higher than usual. My opponents were slighty more strong, but I felt I had ALL of my conditioning and did not feel tired at all. I guess its a trade-off so to speak. I won both tournaments, so maybe weight cutting isnt all its hyped to be...

9/06/2004 12:18am,
Weight cutting not what it is hyped up to be?!? LALALALA I'm not listening LALALALA!!!

An hour isn't enough time to re-hydrate but it can do wonders when you're totally dry. Also soda helps re-hydrate you hella fast, after weigh-ins pound a coke and then some Pedia-Life, good to go.

9/06/2004 12:50am,
Sorry, I'll always think of it as cowardly.

9/06/2004 10:23pm,
You think 75% of MMA fighters are cowards?

9/06/2004 11:04pm,
Honestly? Yes.

It's pointless when everyone does it anyway. You're fighting the same people.

And in lower-end tournaments, there are better ways to spend your time and energy...like say...training?