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Roidie McDouchebag
8/31/2004 6:13am,
I cannot stress enough how much I fucking hate internet "slang"...because it isn't slang you'd EVER use in real life unless you're among the most pathetic examples of humanity on the planet. When was the last time you heard someone say, literally say, "Laugh out loud" or it's exagerated and NEVER true derivatives "Rolling on the floor" (sometimes on its own, sometimes followed by) "Laughing my (fucking) ass off". Never you say? And if you HAVE heard someone say these things in person, please, do humanity a favour, put euthanasia into action.

Also, using numbers as letters...we aren't using calculators here, there is no need to degrade ourselves with such ridiculous abuse of the number 3.

Another thing...X does not now, nor will it ever equal the letter Z...NEVER. PH is a sad substitute for F and Z can never truly be used in place of S.

So...in conclusion, to all of you who abuse these numbers, letters and various other keys that I shall not go into now, **** you, **** you in your stupid asses. Of course, seeing as I use some of this **** myself, this is absolutely hypocritical, which, perhaps, should have stopped me from posting it, and yet, as I do on so many other issues, I must, on this as well, promote a complete double standard and in my own defence I can only say, it is alright when I do it, but not when you do it, you knob nibbling nincompoop.

Rock Mechanic
8/31/2004 6:19am,
yeah but 'martial' internet geek speak is worse u romo

8/31/2004 6:22am,


I have to admit the "l337 sp34k" is highly annoying though, it takes too long to translate and has extremely poor grammar.

Roidie McDouchebag
8/31/2004 6:26am,
yeah but 'martial' internet geek speak is worse u romo

|_i(k |\/|y l337 |-|4X()R b4||s R()|\/|() Gr4cie.

8/31/2004 8:47am,
fsck you!!! muahahahaa

8/31/2004 8:54am,
My mother emailed me yesterday using text contractions. I was so ashamed I immediately had to disown her before flipping out and killing the rest of the family.

8/31/2004 9:04am,
You missed one. :p

Rock Mechanic
8/31/2004 9:12am,
Originally posted by I Choke You
|_i(k |\/|y l337 |-|4X()R b4||s R()|\/|() Gr4cie.

bugger. I no understand you.

*bows respectfully to the teen interweb master and steps away from his mountain of crispy kleenex*

I am certain you are not saying 'lick my beer' (but it reads like that) and there's 'balls' and 'homo gracie'.

at least on this thread you can't 'pwned' and '111111' me without being a knut

Roidie McDouchebag
8/31/2004 10:03am,
What I said was "lick my elite hacker balls, Romo Gracie (you know, to include the faggy internet martial arts talk as much as possible).

Oh MAN I hate "pwned"...owned is a fucking GAY thing to say, but "pwned" is just fucking guh-HEY. Actually, I hate slang in general, it basically buggers the English language to no end and it's gross over use by teens means that at least 50% of the words that come out of their mouths are useless...I mean, you may as well just insert "Um" or "Ah" or "Urrrg" in place of them, it would reveal the truly stupid nature of English AND most people who speak it at the same time.

Rock Mechanic
8/31/2004 10:27am,
ICY - you got style.

Its simple:

anyone not old enough to drink in a bar (without shitting their pants) shouldn't be allowed an opinion or an internet connection

its all 'Friends' fault - 'like I SO need to decapitate Chandler'

A side note: Couple of days ago I got told that alot of Americanisms were actually traditional 'English' (spoken by the Engerlish) that had lost favour in Blighty and now sound odd to us. I couldn't believe what I heard and so suffocated him with his own bollocks for his blasphemy.

Roidie McDouchebag
8/31/2004 10:44am,
I don't think Friends was the catalyst, it was just a symptom. Actually, in my experience, it's just a matter of education...educated people KNOW how stupid overuse of slang is, so they don't abuse it. However, the problem is that most people in English North America (can't speak for non-English areas...although I have been to California ;)) are just fucking STUPID, or at the very least ignorant. Now that isn't to say you couldn't educate them but if you start too late, the synapses are just so underdeveloped, you may as well try to teach a dog to be a carpenter...I did live in a place that was largely unaffected by outside trends, and language from TV, and so on. There was some influence from outside, but it wasn't overwhelming, and the schools there were good, they actually educated the kids, and if you didn't perform, it didn't matter if you were in grade 1 or grade 12, you didn't get a free ride, you'd do it until you did it right.

Oh, and [email protected]"like I SO need to decapitate Chandler"

8/31/2004 2:45pm,
I spell but enough as it is, I don't need help from silly acrynoms and internet geek speech.

8/31/2004 2:48pm,
All your grammar belong to us.

8/31/2004 2:52pm,
Z can never truly be used in place of S.
actually 'z' is used in british english in many places


Roidie McDouchebag
8/31/2004 2:57pm,
actually 'z' is used in british english in many places

Yes, which only proves that Americans have buggered English.

8/31/2004 3:16pm,
you said NOT to use s....i am confused. (taking meds now...)