View Full Version : where did bruce lee learn the nunchakus from?

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1/07/2003 8:22pm,
was it inosanto? what chinese arts use the nunchaku?

ya ya ya know what i'm sayin'-j roc

1/07/2003 8:30pm,
Bruce Lee's nunchaku work is pretty piss poor. He holds them in the wrong place and the film is always sped up.

1/07/2003 8:35pm,
thanks for answearing the question.

ya ya ya know what i'm sayin'-j roc

1/07/2003 9:48pm,
Ya I think that was an open invitation from Peedee to Bruce Lee or to someone who has trained under him that he can out chuck him.

So peedee why don't you post some video of your chuking skills since your such a badass?

Oh ya I forgot everything you say is utter bullshit only a figment of what might be reality if you didn't sit on the computer looking up facts about things you only dreamed you could do.

Next time, don't put down one of the greatest martial artists in history until you do something that can match or excede what he has set.

So stfu and get a life.

1/07/2003 9:58pm,

Come on get up, I didn't hit you that hard.

1/07/2003 11:11pm,
Dan Inosanto

1/08/2003 12:10am,
How about the JKD people quit nutriding Bruce Lee when the BJJ people quit nutriding Helio Gracie?

Osiris, Bruce Lee lived in a time when martial arts were not a fraction as useful in real wars as they were as little as 150 years ago. True, he was as much, if not more, "artist" as he was "martial", but I can respect him for seeing a problem in how martial arts were taught and bringing it to the world's attention through his movies and Jeet Kune Do.

"God is dead." -Nietzsche
"Nietzsche is dead." -God

1/08/2003 1:16am,
I don't know about him being entirely responsible for the commercialization of it, earlier US MA instructors could have braced harder against the new wave of students and taught them better goals for becoming martial artists than "doing Kung Fu = j00 4r3 t3h Br00c3 L33T".

Also, his movies are not the fakest **** you've ever seen, unless you've never watched The Matrix, Mission Impossible 1 or 2, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, or any of Jet Li's films (there are more that I could list). In fact, Bruce's movies were a driving force for realism in the depiction of martial arts in movies.

Before and after Bruce's movies in Hong Kong, the cinemas were filled with robed characters flying around on wires knocking people down with their chi.

"God is dead." -Nietzsche
"Nietzsche is dead." -God

1/08/2003 1:28am,
Unfortunately Mercurius, the wire-stuff is still going around. Not to mention CGI. Ick.

1/08/2003 1:29am,
Yeah, I agree.

BJJ is also getting commercialized, and the BJJ people also ride the Gracies. They sure make things simple by saying "our art kills everyone*"

*under our rules

1/08/2003 12:59pm,
Um, he doesn't pose moron that was a type of theory that went along with the way he fought.

Screaming was a way to intemediate his enemy, and yes you let bruce lee kick you in the side of your head and then tell me how easy it is to stand up.

He was not fake, he proved his strength and did demonstrations.

The movies are the most real MA movies that I've seen in awhile? Its not just them going nuts because that doesn't really happen.

Have you even seen any of his movies?

1/08/2003 2:11pm,
When I was fourteen years old ( a long time ago...) near Christmas, one of the DT teachers at school decided to bring a film in instead of teaching us. It was on one of those old projectors with spools ( we're talking nearly twenty years ago here ).

He didn't say what the film was, just smiled, turned the lights off, the projector on and sat at the back of the class.

It was 'Enter the Dragon'.

With hindsight it's easy to criticise and pick holes, and nowadays a little light research reveals a few home truths about Brucie that are sad to learn when first encountered.

But at the time.....

If I ever meet that teacher again he's got a few beers coming his way....

1/08/2003 4:20pm,
I repeat...his nunchaku work SUCKS. Carbon can kiss my ass because he doesn't know ****.

1/08/2003 8:35pm,
Wow what a great response yet again from someone who has basically confirmed nothing but puts down everything.

I'm sorry Osiris? Where the **** did I mention JKD? I believe I didn't...so did you just assume I was talking about JKD the system or that I was talking about Bruce Lee?

I believe I was talking about bruce lee, and as a matter of fact, lots of people go down in 1 hit, and I guarentee that if I paid a MT fighter from Thailand to kick you in the side of the head that your guarenteed to fall.

So many people drop in 1 hit you just don't know. Better fighters? There is always going to be better fighters, but for you to put down a man that is greater then you will ever be is just plain horseshit.

Like faggots who put down pro athletes and say they are ****? Who the **** are you to tell them they can't play for ****? Are you the one kicking their ass? Ya well if you aren't stfu.

1/08/2003 10:54pm,
I compete/work out with double Ssahng Jeohl Baahng
(nun-chaka), it is a fantastic upper body workout if done correctly. I have no intentions of using them for self defense, unless, of course,I happen to have them in my posession at the time of need (highly unlikely). The workouts reach muscles that are difficult to work with other techniques. You probably laugh at the thought of a nun-chaka form or kata, but doing it several times a day keeps you in shape.

1/08/2003 11:41pm,
what style do you do axekick?

ya ya ya know what i'm sayin'-j roc