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8/30/2004 8:07am,
Mr. Happeh the incredible troll it seems has done it again:
get a load of, for example, this:

Chi is energy. What does that mean in easily understandable terms? Have you watched Star Trek or maybe Star Wars? In these movies, the star ships have a protective field around them. This field is composed of energy. That is what Chi is like. In these movies, the star ships also have energy weapons. That is also what Chi is like.

for those who haven't read part 1, here it is: http://www.angrypenis.org

What the hell is this 'tard's problem?
I've already put together a small band of mates to storm this board, and anyone who wants to come along is welcome :D

OC Kid
8/30/2004 9:34am,
Hmmm no wonder Ive been getting tennis elbow lately and I thought it was all the beers and drugs of my youth.....

8/30/2004 2:12pm,
Oh god.

"What I see is that most fighters are what I would label as "lower" people. Not an insult, but a statement of where in their brain they live. No one would expect these guys to be good at college. It is like they trade their brains for that extra strength and skill they have in the ring.

Martial artists are more balanced. They can fight, but they can also study to become smart martial artists."

8/30/2004 2:41pm,
"Judo uses a gi that is of a heavier cloth than the gi's for japanese martial arts."

"What stunned me were his legs ... I literally could not take my eyes off of them ... we all know what is in between the thighs.
I was standing there with my jaw open because I had never seen such big ... nads."

(note: this was a chopped quote, note the ...'s Please don't sue me)