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1/06/2003 7:20pm,
A good friend of mine is looking to start into the martial arts. He doesn't want to join my Karate dojo because I, a black belt would be teaching him some of the time. He recently found this place called Shaolin-Do. At first I was somewhat suspicious because it said "DO" at the end of Shaolin. So then my natural conclusion was that it was some form of Shaolin Kempo. So I go with him to check it out and when I walk in I see brown belts that look quite pathetic doing there forms. Then when I talk to the head Master he goes on and on about how this is Shaolin Kung Fu. I am somewhat familiar with Shaolin Kung Fu but I wasn't in a position to confirm or deny it. Not that I would do that anyway. My friend and I take a free class, I figured since I was there I should see what it was all about. I must say that I was quite dissappointed in what I tried. I was wondering if anybody knows anything useful about Shaolin-Do. You can access their website at http://www.shaolin-do.com


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1/06/2003 7:31pm,
We've seen this link before on the board plenty of times.

As I posted before I find it weird a kung fu system that claims to have a short history from the time it left china to it's current Grand Master uses Japanese terms such as "Do" "Kata" "Sensei" and "Dojo" and wears Gi's. Espicially where in it's history no person from a Japanese system has contributed to it.

And no, from what I can see, it's not Kempo

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1/06/2003 7:52pm,
It seem to be some new style. They dress like those kempo guys but its not kempo. I once talk to some guy who studied under of these teachers shown on their website (forget name) it was the Asian fellow. I was told he is pretty good. But from what I know his system is a pretty new system. He claims to have these abilities like iron palm etc so you have to take it with a grain of salt and see if this guy is real. From my opinion (I have the guy's book he wrote in the 80's) its too McDoish (is that a word?) for me.


1/06/2003 8:51pm,
Yea I thought so. I didn't know that it has been up before. It seems too much like a McDojo to me.

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Fisting Kittens
1/06/2003 9:09pm,
I trained for a long time in Shaolin-do. Some of the teachers are phenomenal, some are absolute crap. Most of the points you guys raise, there are legitimate answers for that make sense. I trust their lineage, but who fucking cares? The teachers that are great downplay kata and focus on conditioning and hard contact sparring. To be honest the workouts that I enjoyed the most and I got the most out of were basically kickboxing workouts. Then you learn an ass load of forms. Well...forms are forms. blech. So basically its more or less a waste of time. My school was one of the good ones. Then it got super McDojo and spending all its time on Qi and giving ranks to anyone who paid money so I bailed. It was sad. I liked training there and had some good friends. Sadly they bought in to the bullshit and now treat me like traitor. SRyuFighter where are you at? I know most of the instructors in that art and I'm curious to find out if he's one of the super bad ones, or one of the good ones that has become horrible in pursuit of money?

1/06/2003 9:18pm,
I went to Jim Mooney's dojo in Cross Lanes West Virginia.

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1/06/2003 9:20pm,
Could someone post the website of the former "shaolin-do" students?

From what I've heard of it, it's basically stolen kenpo karate that is marketed as kung fu.

A friend of mine wrote a bad review of some shaolin-do book. He still gets challenges in the e-mail (it was like a year ago that he wrote it, I think). ha.

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1/06/2003 9:20pm,
And also he asked for a lot of damn money. $100 sign up fee. $50 a month. $40 for a test ever ythree months. And you have to buy your own weapons which equals about $30 every three months also.

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Fisting Kittens
1/06/2003 9:50pm,
Both the Mooneys are assholes. I've never trained with them but I've competed against their students. Crapfest. Funny story about a Shaolin-do tournement a few years back. Full contact 3 minute matches, with pretty much anything goes as rules. I'm in the ring and I'm not doing to well. I ate a side kick to the face almost in the first second and just couldn't get my head back in the game. We ended up clinching and going to the ground. We get 25 seconds to work on the ground and the Shaolin-do guys know dick about groundwork. I pull guard, he tries to punch me in the face. I pop a triangle choke on him and cinch it up tight. He starts tapping like a madman. They reset us pretend it didn't happen and the judges gave HIM the win. What bullshit. I quit about 3 months after that tourney.

1/06/2003 9:56pm,
Yea that is bullshit I just went with my friend tonight. And i sparred against a third degree BB from there. Which is my rank in Seibukan Shorinryu Karate. I friggin killed the guy. I am now banned from ever coming back. I guess that I should not have worn my gi and said that is how a true martial artist does it after i whopped him but I could not resist. It was great and the guy that I fought was dispicably horrible. I think his name was Vince Galloway have you ever heard of him?

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1/06/2003 10:57pm,
Mikus, I think you might be getting it mixed up with another school, I can't remember which one, but I Remember reading a post that the guy did American Kempo and said it was an ancient form of Kung Fu that he learned from some Shaolin Grandmaster. I think it might be Temple Kung Fu, but won't say for sure.

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1/07/2003 12:43am,
Easy and simple

It's a McDojo

And the sifu or sensei or whatever he makes you call him isn't helping

And the Chinese sash with his Japanese Gi and a Korean tae guk while slapping a varisty wrestling letter in high school doesn't cut it either.

TKD Boxer
1/07/2003 6:22am,
My friend went to a shaolin do school for while, he showed me some of the diffrent self defense techniques and I have to admit they weren't grat but not bad, but then again he qit like 3 monthes later to go to and JKD school.

Fisting Kittens
1/07/2003 4:25pm,
They have some great techniques. They do teach some solid stuff, its just all the bullshit you have to swallow. Also they have a huge amount of crap techniques, and not knowing the difference between the two can get you killed. AND **** KATAS. Their main selling point is that the system has like 980+ katas. The way I see it that is like 30 years of wasting time.

Omega Supreme
1/07/2003 6:32pm,
I've seen several schools that do Kempo that market themselves as Kung-fu. The local instructor is really tough and calls his style Shaolin Kempo Kung-fu but said it was pretty much modern stuff. Take it for what its worth. I don't go there but two of my friends do and they seem to like it.

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1/07/2003 8:53pm,
Well it is easy. Way too easy. I just found out today that a friend of mine's little brother goes there. And he gets beat up every day. He asks me to protect him. He tests for his Black Belt next week! I was amazed at how someone that is as pathetic as him could earn a black belt in any art. But I guess that shows you how it is.

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