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1/06/2003 4:01am,

Talk about a mcdojo heres 1, Lol Funny

Down with all mcdojos

1/06/2003 5:49pm,
I'm permanently adding "kungrobics" to my vocabulary, alongside "jazzercise" and "radicool". Way to go, Temple Kung-Fu.

On a more serious note, I think I remember someone making a referece to these guys a couple months ago in the forums. Wasn't this one of those "martial cults"? It sure looks like one.

1/06/2003 7:13pm,
Its definitely a McDojo.

Come on get up, I didn't hit you that hard.

1/06/2003 8:57pm,
Its also a cult i believe i saw a web page which talked about them, they are super cultish and sick.

tee cup
1/07/2003 5:45pm,

"would you like to super size for only $199?"

Black Panther
2/06/2004 11:18am,
There is a forum dedicated to enlightening members about Temple Kung Fu's fraudulent ways at http://www.network54.com/Forum/205613?it=0 . If you go to the site you'll find out pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about the McDojo TKF and Grandmaster Simon.


2/06/2004 12:00pm,
I have some first hand knowledge of this place. As does at least one other member here at Bullshido.

Say away from the place, and be wary of instructors that were indocrtinated there and how have their own place.

In summary.


2/06/2004 12:07pm,
Looks ****,

says dick-all about the actual lineage and fighting styles they learn. Tells us more bout kungrobics than it does about its actually fighting. Pfft, frankly only go there on a friday night after drinking when you cant fight for ****, and challenge them, defeat them and run around naked in the park in drunken celebration, then waking up in a caravan park lying in bed next to a woman named 'Cheryl' who is old enouogh to be your mum.

Disclaimer: None of the events mentioned are by any means a reflection of past personal expirences and will not take responsability for those who wish to follow the scenario described.

2/06/2004 2:18pm,
They're hilarious.

It's one of those places that won't let you come and participate in--or even watch--a class. If you want to try it out, they'll try to make you commit to a two-month trial. From there, the instructors have a script that they use in order to take you from trial program to yellow belt program (few hundred dollars) to brown belt program (somewhere around $3,000)--all paid in advance. They are, withou a doubt, the biggest McDojo that I've ever heard of.

2/06/2004 2:21pm,
Bigger than the Park TKD franchaises ?

2/06/2004 2:27pm,

"Hi there, Iím fully certified in kungrobics."

Where is KFCDW when you need him?

2/06/2004 2:28pm,

2/06/2004 2:32pm,
You know, I am kind of worried that there may be people going around who are not fully certified in kungrobics.

2/06/2004 2:36pm,
we need to find out who, and report them immediately!!!!!!!

2/06/2004 2:41pm,
Then what? Will there be some sort of aerobic challenge match?

(BTW that would make a really cool 80's retro style movie)

2/06/2004 2:47pm,
Originally posted by ronin69
Bigger than the Park TKD franchaises ? What they lack in size, they make up for in their carefully orchestrated line of bullshit.

That other thing I was just talking about? Let me get back to you on that.:D