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1/05/2003 10:35pm,
Peedee obviously hasn't done his research on Krav Maga. Bas Rutten supports it and it can be confirmed, he's doing a seminar with Darren Levine on Philadelphia on March 1 and 2.

Bas Rutten is obviously good and he knows what he's talking about, if he says something is worth training then it probably is.

And Peepee, instead of just spewing bullshit, for once actually back up what you say. If you think KM sucks then why don't you go to Bas and tell him that he's wasting his time training in KM.

1/05/2003 10:44pm,
Right, because the money doesn't have ANYTHING to do with it.


"You sure talk a lot. Are you going to train at all tonight, or just stand there the whole time?" -Sempai Dale

1/05/2003 10:51pm,
Bas needs more money about as much as Rickson does.

1/05/2003 10:53pm,
There is nothing wrong with krav maga that is not found in all other arts

1/08/2003 4:38pm,
Are we talking the real Krav Maga or that McDojo **** that is being taught in the USA were you have to pay 80 a month for year for Tae Bo?

1/08/2003 10:53pm,
I found a fantastic book on Krav Maga at Borders once. Funniest thing I ever read. Krav's Maga's a bullshit style founded purely on hype and romantic images of kicking the Communist Party's ass with your bare feet. Just looking at their book, one gets the sense the entire style was based on Burt Reynolds cop-on-the-edge thrillers like MALONE! There's a section on how to defuse a hostage situation (by KICKING ASS), escaping a foe with a submachine gun (by KICKING ASS), dodging shrapnel from a grenade (by KICKING THE GRENADE'S ASS), and of course, Krav Maga's trademark "if you just throw a lot of knees, you'll look really intimidating!"

There was also a picture in there of what I consider to be the ultimate nonresisting uke. It's awkward to describe, but it pretty much involved the following scenario:

1)Man holds rifle to your back
2)You spin around (never bothering to grab the barrel of the gun)and grab his groin
3)From here, your other hand reaches around his shoulder and essentially body slams him. This would be a great technique of a mannequin, which this guy apparently was, because in the photos, he never moved a single muscle in his body--even when being lifted up in the air to be thrown!. His feet, facial expression, gun...all remained in the same place, in spite of the fact that he was flying through the air. Classic.