View Full Version : Randy Couture vs Wanderlei Silva

8/25/2004 2:51pm,
Okay - so after Randy totally dominated vitor, he's talking about taking on pride champion, Wanderlei Silva.

Does anyone think this fight is going to happen and if so under which rules?

Also who do you think would win?

My humble opinion: No - I don't think this fight is going to happen purely because of the pay disparity between pride and ufc. If it did happen it would have to happen under pride rules with pride paying the bill because there's no way the UFC could afford Wanderlei.

As for who would win... Generally I think Pride has the better fighters in every single weight category execept for light heavyweight (or middleweight under pride rules). I don't see any hope for Wanderlei and while I think Silva has grown considerably since he started fighting in pride (and could probably dominate Vitor these days) - Randy is the one fighter who could completely neutralize the guy. I think Randy would dominate the standup (wanderlei's big looping hooks are going to be countered by straight punches) and I don't think anyone would dispute who's the better ground fighter. I'd say a TKO for Randy - or at the least a very dominating unanimous decision if wanderlei can take the punishment for several rounds. Wandy's only shot at hurting randy would be with knees in the clinch and even than I doubt he'd do much damage before being slammed to the ground.

Another reason I think this fight would never happen is that Wanderlei would probably realise he's outclassed and use the 'not enough money' excuse to avoid the fight. He'd have everything to lose and nothing to gain by doing it so why would he?

8/25/2004 2:54pm,
No way man, Wanderlei wont duck ANYONE. You know he's planning on fighting the WINNER of the PRIDE GP right? Be it Fedor or Nog. Silva has one HUGE set of grapes.

I think the fight could go either way depending on what venue they fight in. If its the UFC I would bet on Randy because he would be able to utilize the fence to hold Silva, a BJJ blackbelt, down more effectively.

If they fought in Pride I would vote for Silva.

I really hope this happens.

8/25/2004 2:58pm,
wow - no I never knew that Wandy would take on the heavyweight winner - if he's that gung-ho, than maybe this fight will really happen.

I actually think wanderlei would do some damge against nog - not sure how he'd do against fedor though - that man isn't human.

8/25/2004 3:08pm,
Well, the out come depends on the skill sets of both fighters.
In the clinch, it depends on wether randys dirty boxing and takedowns can beat silvas knees.
Boxing range, i dont know, we know randy has hands but are they faster and or stronger than silvas?
outside, silva can kick, randy cant, not well anyway, and silva could, theoreticlly work randys legs pretty good
On the mat, randy on top by gnp, unless silva pulls a sub out of his arse, and i ONLY say this because of sivas bb in bjj and randys lack of experience againt sub fighters.
However, silvas bb is questionable, and randy may be training against subs, we just havent seen him in a situatuion that would tell us.

8/25/2004 3:18pm,
In the clinch I reckon randy would dominate - its difficult to get a good knee against someone who's taller than you and wandy wasn't able to knee effectively against tito or even mezger.

On the boxing range... this is probably wanderlei's biggest weakness... he has good power in his hands but he seems incapable of throwing a straight punch. We've seen in the past how a good classically trained boxer like vitor outpunched him (and yes wandy is a better fighter now but I'm not sure his boxing has improved that much - I think its more a case of he knows his skills better and applies them more strategically now)

To be honest - I don't care who wins though - its going to be a great matchup!