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8/25/2004 12:19pm,

Okay, this dude sounds awesome, right? --

In the Battle of Hill 70 near Vimy Ridge in France, Konowal stormed two machine gun posts and killed 17 enemy soldiers before a sniper shot him in the face.

But then you hear about his post-war career:

Konowal, who spent his last years as a janitor scrubbing floors in the House of Commons, died in 1959.

That fucking sucks. People who are fucking crazy enough to do that for their country deserve better than to be a goddamn janitor.

8/25/2004 12:23pm,
Perhaps he always wanted to be a janitor.

8/25/2004 12:28pm,
It's the same old story, disposable heroes. Once the rich are done using the poor to fight and die for them they can go back to mopping floors.

Raul Perez
8/25/2004 12:37pm,
You guys raise an interesting point but here is one from another angle. Who's to say that this man did not have the intelligence to get a better job than a janitor? Did he go to college after he got out?

8/25/2004 12:39pm,

Canadian vets were treated like shite after the war. This amazing man is no exception. Business and government alike treated Canadian vets like dead men during the war, bothering their wives and giving the fighting-men's jobs to other people.

Canada's treatment of her vets is disgraceful. And it continues to this day. Bloody crime.

8/25/2004 1:27pm,
That really sucks. I don't care if he WANTED to be a janitor or not, that job sucks. Unless he had a fucking golden broom that shot out 100 dollar bills, which I doubt is the case, Canada is a fag.

8/25/2004 1:29pm,

People in glass houses, bitch.

8/25/2004 1:39pm,
Originally posted by CrimsonTiger

People in glass houses, bitch.

I never said America wasn't a fag. Our world = dog crap of the universe.

8/25/2004 1:48pm,
Guy came direct from Ukraine ... so english was his second language. Add to this that he was shot in the face which probably didn't make him very pretty.

Yes society sucks. But the above factors may have made it difficult for him to secure a good job.

That said though there is a lot to be said for the peaceful activity of janitorial duty -- and it may have been something he desired to do.

I work in IT ... I make good money. But some days I miss being a DISHWASHER of all things. There was free food and you knew what was expected of you.

8/25/2004 1:53pm,
I find it funny that people simply say, maybe he was not smart enough, or because he was permanently scarred. There are MILLIONS of government jobs that are easier and pay better than mopping floors. Maybe the Canadian Army could have given him a nice civilian desk job processing records? Or a pension for being permanently disfigured? How about a nice high paying contractors job usually given to people with conenctions?

I am not saying this to rip on Canada, because the USA is no better about these things. But this guy was sold a bill of goods, defend the country, risk your life for the good of us all. And when he was done they did nothing for him in return.

Sort of like the guard and reserves over seas right now, who have lost their jobs and health care for their families back home. The rich use them when they need them and give nothing back.

8/25/2004 2:04pm,
I could tell you stories...
Suffice it to say that, I will never re-enlist in ANY Armed Forces.

Little Idea
8/25/2004 3:47pm,
Originally posted by ronin69
I could tell you stories...
Suffice it to say that, I will never re-enlist in ANY Armed Forces.


8/25/2004 3:54pm,
"Thanks to the intervention of another Victoria Cross winner, and also a member of the Governor General's Foot Guards, Major Milton Fowler Gregg, Seargeant-at-Arms of the House of Commons (1934-44), Konowal found employment as a junior caretaker in the House of Commons, a humble job, but, in the years of the Great Depression, a welcome one. Spotted washing floors of the Parliament building by Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, Konowal was reassigned as the special custodian of Room No. 16, the Prime Minister's office, a post he held until his death. While others might bemoan Konowal's apparently low employment status, the man himself was much more sanguine. As Austin F. Cross reported, in The Ottawa Citizen on 16 June 1956, when Konowal was asked about being a janitor he laughingly remarked, "I mopped up overseas with a rifle, and here I must mop up with a mop"."More info -- read about his commemoration, medals, and life:


8/25/2004 3:55pm,
****, I realized that after 3 weeks in the mandatory Finnish army service...

I thought (I was young and insecure) that I'd get a lot of **** from people who'd gone through the whole thing, but mostly they've just told me either that I always was the smart one, or at least that they 100% understand it...

8/25/2004 4:10pm,
Someone has to toss away the mountain of tissue from Ronin's office.

8/25/2004 5:09pm,
Did the guy suffer any mental injuries? Maybe he could only "qualify" for certain jobs.