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8/25/2004 12:01pm,
Powerlifting bodyweight to strength ratios.

Over the last 5 years
S = Squat
B = Bench press
D = Deadlift

Times their own bodyweight:

52kg - 4.75- 3- 4.2-
56kg- 4.75- 3.1- 3.9-
60kg- 4.5- 2.6- 4.5-
67kg- 4.75- 3.1- 4.6-
75kg- 4.5- 2.86- 4.2
82.5kg- 4.1- 2.72- 4-
90kg- 4- 2.72- 4-
100kg- 3.8- 2.22- 3.4-
110kg- 3.5- 2.18- 3.1-
125kg- 3.2- 2.2- 3.04-

These are MAX lifts averaged out.
Source IPF Menís World Champions 1971-2003

So, as we can see, PRO powerlifters ( juice and all) Squat over 4 times their bodyweight, untill they go over 100kg ( 220lbs), bench twice their BW ( and even 3 times), and deadlift, more or less what they squat ( again 4 times until they get over the 100kilo mark).

Comments gentlemen?

8/25/2004 12:12pm,
I dont do any type of lifting, but lifted just messing around with my brother, and can squat twice my body weight.

8/25/2004 12:14pm,
I'd like to know the strength-to-bodyweight ratios for top MMA competitors.

8/25/2004 2:12pm,
I don't think they would even come close to those above.
I think that, knowing the limitations of even the pros, is a good thing for novice traninees and even experienced ones.
Also, the fact that as you get bigger, you "lose" some of your strength, is something that gusy who only think about getting big, should realise.

Beatdown Richie
8/25/2004 3:28pm,
> Comments gentlemen?
Pretty sick.
I consider myself in reasonably good shape, but don't do a lot of strength training, and I'd guess my numbers are around 1.3 - 0.9 -1.3.
That's a factor of 3 (three!) in strength between a pro of my size and me, and probably four or more between the really big dudes and me.

8/25/2004 3:33pm,
Tell me about it, I would fall in the 75kg category and I bench only 310, no way I could do almost 3 times my body weight.

8/26/2004 1:39pm,
I think you're running into the law of diminishing returns - the design of the human body starts to hit its limitations. You're not losing total strength, per se, as you go up but you are losing efficiency.

Did the study you cite give an ideal mass for lifters? It looks like it would be in the 67 kg range.

8/26/2004 1:40pm,
Actually, it would be a "natural body weight", in other words a weight that you keep without having to eat like a pig or diet like a super model.

8/27/2004 9:24am,
Every time I read **** like this it makes me want to get on the juice

8/27/2004 11:51am,
Nah, you don't need shrunken testicles...at least I hope you don't.